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Pizza Timer

Pizza Timer 0.5.1

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This simple script will remind you´r clients of their food in the oven!
Just write "!pizza 5" via private message to the bot and the bot will write you a message 5 minutes later, to remind you of you food! The client can vary the time by just changing the number behind !pizza.



Here is what you can change via Sinusbot Webinterface

  • Command or Message which triggers the bot to set the timer.
    • => default: "!pizza"
  • The bot will send the following message to remind the client.
    • => default: "Your pizza is ready! Stop gaming now and get the pizza out of the oven!"
  • Message or Poke the client when the pizza is ready?
    • => default: "poke"
  • Confirmation message that the timer has been set, and the bot will write a message to the client.
    • => default: "Alright, I´ll write you a message when your pizza is ready!"
  • Confirmation message that the timer has been set, and the bot will poke the client.
    • => default: "Alright, I´ll poke you when your pizza is ready!"
  • The bot will poke the client in the following amount of time by default in minutes.
    • => default: "13"
This is my very first script and I know that is´s a bit stupid, but maybe I can save some pizzas from burning.

Iam already working on more features: so the clients can set the time by themself (solved with version 0.3) or the Client can choose weither he want to get messaged or poked by the bot. (now possible)
Iam open for more ideas! :)
Thanks to 'irgendwer / Jonas <[email protected]>' for some help <3
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Latest reviews

Can you handle more than one command option?
example: !cake
and the bot says '' the cake is ready! ''
it would also be nice to respond to a specific group id
This is just a tip :)
good Idea, thank you very much! I´ll think about it. :)
Funny gadget !!!
Auf jeden Fall eine coole Idee. Das Problem kenne ich zu gut. Ich werde das Script beim nächsten mal ausprobieren, vielleicht hilfts. =)