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  1. Filtik

    TS3/Discord Schedule Music Timer 0.5

    Schedule Music Timer Play your music whenever you want Compatible with TS3 and Discord
  2. Tuetchen

    Server Group Timer 1.1

    Automatic Server Group Assigner A small and simple script that restricts the access to specific Server Groups for a specified Duration for each Client. The Time can be configurated for each Server Group separately. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the OKlib from...
  3. G

    Wecker 0.1

    Mit dem Wecker Script ist es möglich per !wecker (Minunten) eingabe als Command, sich einen persönlichen Wecker einzustellen der einen erinnert was wichtiges zu tun! Somit vergisst ihr nie wieder Termine oder Kuschelstunden mit euren liebsten.
  4. Everlike

    Pizza Timer 0.5.1

    Description This simple script will remind you´r clients of their food in the oven! Just write "!pizza 5" via private message to the bot and the bot will write you a message 5 minutes later, to remind you of you food! The client can vary the time by just changing the number behind !pizza...
  5. C

    EN [REQUEST] Move after specified time since joining channel

    Hi, could anyone program a script which moves users from the welcome channel (or a channel which can be specified) to another channel after a configured time? Nice to configure would be: Time until move The channels from where to move The destination channel Maybe selectable options like when...
  6. Multivitamin

    TS3 Jail 2.1.1

    This Script will allow you to Lock Clients into a Channel with one Command! You can choose between Permanently or Temporary Locking them into a Channel! If the Client tries to leave the Channel or Reconnect then he will be automatically moved back into the Jail Channel. Features: Auto Jail...