1. The bot currently doesn't work with version 3.1 of the TS client. Please downgrade to an older version. Read this for more information on how to downgrade.

Private Channel Manager 1.5.3

Creates channels for each user entering a specified lobby and sets him as channel owner

  1. Private Channel Manager 1.5.3

    Fixed Spam Protection - was hours instead of minutes.
    Fixed Move Delay - now for real
    Changed Date Format to dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Private Channel Manager 1.5.2

    • Added Channel Description to Settings and a current Date Placeholder
    • Added Spam Protection to ban Clients that keep joining the Lobbys
      • If you used this Script with Version 1.1.6 or lower activate this Function after a Runtime of several Days. Due to changes in the storing architecture since 1.1.6 unwanted Bans could occure else
    • Added MoveDelay Setting - keep in mind that the MoveDelay has to be larger than the DeleteDelay for temporary...
  3. Private Channel Manager

    RIP missing parseInt
  4. Private Channel Manager 1.5.1

    Fixed the most horrible bug: the missing 'e' for private
    Fixed some really minor bug... that could completely break the name pool function for channel creation
  5. Privat Channel Manager 1.5

    Included the Delete Timer in the Script
    Added Name Pool Option
  6. Privat Channel Manager 1.4

    Should fix all previous bugs .... i guess... well lets better say i hope ^^
  7. Privat Channel Manager 1.2

    Reworked Storing
    Added support for multiple lobbys
  8. Privat Channel Manager 1.1.6

    • Fixed a Bug causing the bot to not move back to his channel sometimes
    • Added Option to restrict channel creation of users that get moved into the lobby
  9. Privat Channel Manager 1.1.5

    Cleaned it up, ordered settings, made some settings work^^
  10. Privat Channel Manager 1.1.4

    Added Sticky Channel Option so the Bot wont stay in your channel if you selected temporary channels

    Found a bug with creating non sub channels - disabled that feature