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Private Channel Manager

Private Channel Manager 2.0.7

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Private Channel Manager

This script creates a private channel for every user that enters a specified destribution channel(the lobby). Afterwards it sets the user as a channel admin so he has full control over his private channel.
If the channel already exists the user get moved to his own channel.

You can restrict the automatic channel creation to specific server groups if you want to.

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Install the OKlib from
  • Edit/Create a Channel Admin Group (For Privat Channel Mode)
    • In default settings the Channel Admin wont have complete control over his own channel (Like deleting the channel). If the user should be able to do that you have to either edit the Channel Admin group or create a new Channel Admin and set the id in the scripts settings.
  • Make sure the bot has the necessary permissions to create channels and move users

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

==This Script was requested by Diesmon==
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Latest reviews

03:00 error on callback func: Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'description' of undefined at PrivatChannelManager (2):623:45 var channelDescription = channel.description(); ^ Stack trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'description' of undefined at updateChannelDescription (PrivatChannelManager (2):623:46) at createChannel (PrivatChannelManager (2):748:13) at PrivatChannelManager

Hi pls help me
%i not working
As intended %i is disabled when creating User bound (Privat) channels
bro this is terrible
Salty guy that creates an account just to troll?
Das Script ist echt klasse. Er legt bei mir den Channel an und zeigt mir auch das Passwort aber verschieben tut er mich leider nicht.

Ich vermisse legidlich nur eine Übersicht der Rechte die gesetzt werden müssen. Wenn ich das noch bekomme wäre es echt sehr nice
Its nice,
I have downloaded the script now, but I cannot move it to the script directory because an error message will appear. Can you help me with that!
Version 2.03 was working excellent. No problem so far. Version 2.06 doesnt seem to work at all. The script is red marked in sinusbot script page. Please help
/facepalm - the "red marking" is a link which is just dead as the webpanel component is not released; And again help is not provided in reviews.
Works great on sinusbot-beta-5! Thanks!
Hi. Can you make " %c = clientName "this placeholder put a clickable nickname, not a simple nickname. It would be more comfortable.
I don't think click able nicknames work in channel names as far as I know
Finally bugfixed! Thank You