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Private Channel Manager

Creates channels for each user entering a specified lobby and sets him as channel owner

  1. Tuetchen
    Private Channel Manager

    This script creates a private channel for every user that enters a specified destribution channel(the lobby). Afterwards it sets the user as a channel admin so he has full control over his private channel.
    If the channel already exists the user get moved to his own channel.

    You can restrict the automatic channel creation to specific server groups if you want to.

    • Move the script file to the script folder
    • Edit/Create a Channel Admin Group
      • In default settings the Channel Admin wont have complete control over his own channel (Like deleting the channel). If the user should be able to do that you have to either edit the Channel Admin group or create a new Channel Admin and set the id in the scripts settings.
    • Make sure the bot has the necessary permissions to create channels and move users

    Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

    ==This Script was requested by Diesmon==

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Recent Reviews

  1. Untuned
    Version: 1.5.1
    When the bot creates a temporary channel, it gets deleted before the user goes into the channel. Please fix this, as the delete delay does not apply.
    1. Tuetchen
      Author's Response
      RIP - yeh i still had the server setting variant enabled^^
  2. Mike Lundberg
    Mike Lundberg
    Version: 1.2
    What you did to this script is nothing short of AWESOME!!!!
  3. Ts4You
    Version: 1.1.5
    Its cant only make sub channels I don't want sub channels
    1. Tuetchen
      Author's Response
      What should it else do? Create channels on another server?
  4. Diesmon
    Version: 1.1.5
    perfect 5/7, would download again

    Ne im ernst ist Spitze, genau wie "gew├╝nscht" ;)