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Private Channel Manager

Private Channel Manager 2.0.3

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Private Channel Manager

This script creates a private channel for every user that enters a specified destribution channel(the lobby). Afterwards it sets the user as a channel admin so he has full control over his private channel.
If the channel already exists the user get moved to his own channel.

You can restrict the automatic channel creation to specific server groups if you want to.

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Install the OKlib from https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/oklib.325/
  • Edit/Create a Channel Admin Group (For Privat Channel Mode)
    • In default settings the Channel Admin wont have complete control over his own channel (Like deleting the channel). If the user should be able to do that you have to either edit the Channel Admin group or create a new Channel Admin and set the id in the scripts settings.
  • Make sure the bot has the necessary permissions to create channels and move users

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

==This Script was requested by Diesmon==
First release
Last update
4.37 star(s) 30 ratings

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  1. Private Channel Manager 2.0.3

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  3. Private Channel Manager 1.5.3

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Latest reviews

Leider sind die Channel nicht Passwortgeschützt. Der Bot scheint zu versuchen ein Passwort zu setzen, aber ist es dann nicht.

Und wie gesagt leider kein Sub Channel möglich. (andere vergleichbare Bots können das)
Channel als Subchannel erstellen ist nach wie vor nicht möglich - schade!

Pluginversion 2.0.3
Sinusversion neuster offizieller Release (Windows)
Das Plugin tut alles so, wie es soll, es ist etwas träge manchmal, aber was will man tun...
Date 24.3
Sinusversion Neuster offizieller Release (Windows)
Pluginversion 2.0.3
Channel als Subchannel erstellen geht nicht, sie werden ganz unten eingeordnet...
Musste es dementsprechend jetzt erstmal mit Mainchanneln konfigurieren, obwohl Subchannel besser ins Design passen würden.
Hello, It should be a new update of your skript please because it is unstable. Please, it should be that it is more stable silk is faster to create canoes it is important for us. cordially
Could not request createChannel: HTTP returned an error: unexpected end of JSON input; Code: 500; Message: unexpected end of JSON input

Gibt's da ne Lösung für?
Perfect, thx
2018-09-28T14:08:11+05:00 Could not request createChannel: HTTP returned an error: unexpected end of JSON input; Code: 500; Message: unexpected end of JSON input

How can i fix it ?
Sehr gut. Ich fände es aber noch cool wenn man Channel Icons einstellen könnte.
Funktioniert fast einwandfrei nur das das Passwort auch eingefügt wird, wurde vergessen. Wenn man die Zeile selbst hinzufügt klappt es ^^
Hi, the script is so good.
But he have some little problem for me :

- Private Channel Type : Temporary (Not work, always create the channel in Permanent mode, and no case to configure delay appears)

- When i have 2 channel creator (1 without password, 1 with password)
For the same parent channel i have an error with the paswword channel.
He doesn't move me in my channel name (template) but say me an error message /ERR_NAMEUSED (It concerning : Channel Error Message - Displayed when no Channel could be created)

Last version i do not have this problem.

Thanks for the script <3