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channel manager

  1. S

    Private Channel Manager

    Guten Tag, folgendes Problem: mein Bot erstellt die Channel mit einem Password usw., allerdings movet er den User nicht in den Channel und geht auch selber nicht mehr zurück in seinen eigenen Channel. Instanz-Log: 2020-03-21T17:48:39+01:00 [ OKlib:88:20] Private Channel Manager: No Channel...
  2. HarpyWar

    TS3 Channel Cleaner 0.12

    Remastered Unused Channel - Deleter script. The same functionality and set of options but written from scratch with different logic. Extremely robust, without strange bugs and script stop errors. Differences - Count inactivity channels every minute and only when bot is online. If it was offline...
  3. Everlike

    TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter 0.2.2

    This script deletes channels that are unused for a specific amount of time. Want to get rid of losing semi-temporary-channels that are gone after a simple restart or "dead" channels that nobody uses anymore? Check this out! Perfect in combination with @Tuetchen ´s private channal manager. You...
  4. Tuetchen

    Private Channel Manager 2.0.7

    Private Channel Manager This script creates a private channel for every user that enters a specified destribution channel(the lobby). Afterwards it sets the user as a channel admin so he has full control over his private channel. If the channel already exists the user get moved to his own...