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SaveCPU (Alone mode)

SaveCPU (Alone mode) 1.3

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Hi all, again :)!
Now you can disable the resume playback, if you want, also fixed a bug when you start the script first time:​

  • In the "stop playback" mode added option to turn off resume playback, disabled by default!!!
  • Fixed an error, when using the script the first time where the script did not work
Hi all :)!
This update adds two new features:​

  • The volume value that will be set each time someone comes to the bot channel after it was alone
  • Play the default track when someone comes to the bot channel after it was alone (only for "stop playback" mode)
Hi all :)!
Extended features of the "stop playback" mode...:​
  • Added mandatory setting - the default track, that will be played, if the last track cannot be played
  • Now in "stop playback" mode, playback resumes for any type of last track (YouTube, !stream <URL>, ...)