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Time in channels' name

TS3 Time in channels' name 0.3.2

No permission to download
This is just an update for better code readability and script's "stability".

This update requires Sinusbot version 1.0 and higher!

(Note: You don't need this update, but it's better if you update it to improve performance)
- 0 before day (2.12.2018 -> 02.12.2018)
- 0 before month (22.6.2018 -> 22.06.2018)

(Until now, it was only set for minutes and hours)
- option to use timezone + timezone change list

Little thanks to @VerHext's code for the timezone function.
FIXED: Month wasn't showing correctly (Ex.: December was 11 and not 12)
ADDED: Month and day will now show "zero" before, if the date or month is lower than 10. (Ex.: 09,01)