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Time in channels' name

TS3 Time in channels' name 0.3.1

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Script was requested by @Spieler5

Time in channels' name
- Shows current time in the specified channels' name, with your chosen formatting and your chosen timezone!

Time in channels' name - Configuration
- You can change:
  • the format, how will your date look like
    - Placeholders are: %minutes%, %hours%, %day%, %month%, %year%
  • the channels, that will show current time in their name
  • the timezone, that your time will be in
Time in channels' name - Author
> @DrWarpMan

If you find a bug, or want to add something, just write it.
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Latest updates

  1. Added 0 before day and month

    ADDED: - 0 before day (2.12.2018 -> 02.12.2018) - 0 before month (22.6.2018 -> 22.06.2018)...
  2. Timezones are here!

    ADDED: - option to use timezone + timezone change list Little thanks to @VerHext's code for the...
  3. Few bugfixes

    FIXED: Month wasn't showing correctly (Ex.: December was 11 and not 12) ADDED: Month and day...

Latest reviews

Excellent :)
Feedback: Das Script Funktioniert sehr gut und Spammt den Server Log nicht mehr so wie das Uhrzeit Script mit den 4 Channeln ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

Vorschlag: Verschiedene Zeitzonen mit einbinden.

Feedback: The script works very well and spamming the server log no longer as the time script with the 4 channels I can only recommend it.

Suggestion: Include different time zones.

Sincerely, Max Nickel.
Greetings from Germany <3
Thanks! And those timezones are done!
A very good script