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Uptimerobot - Server Status/Uptime Monitoring

TS3 Uptimerobot - Server Status/Uptime Monitoring 2.1.2

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Same as v2.1.1, just reverted to using the old http method since the sinusbot version for windows currently doesn't support the http module 🙄
  • Fixed Cannot access member 'brand' of undefined
  • Use http module
  • Fixed e-mail (derp)
  • Fix: updated script to new scripting engine
  • Fix: updated to new uptimerobot api
  • Feature: added option to send server message
  • Feature: added color for status
  • Feature: added more placeholders
  • The Script now supports multiple Channels/Servers!
  • small Bugfixes
New features:
  • simpler setup (no need to enter the monitor number anymore!)
  • change the description of the channel (and show stuff like uptimeratio or monitorname)
  • corrected small mistakes