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status checker

  1. F

    EN Admins Status if online or no

    A script that show the status of the selected server group in the description of a channel. As example: Admin 1. AdminName1 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if private don't show it --> Online since: --- 2. AdminName2 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if...
  2. MoritzEoG

    DE [REQUEST] Steam Status Anzeige

    Guten Tag, ich frage hier einmal nach ob es möglich ist den Steam Status von dem Bot auf dem TS darstellen zu lassen. D.h. Wenn bei Steam steht "Im Spiel CS:GO", dass auf dem TeamSpeak dann die Gruppe gesetzt wird "Spielt CS:GO". Wäre super wenn es funktionieren würde und sich einer der Sache...
  3. Tuetchen

    TS3 Game Server Query 2.2

    Game Server Query This script can show server information of game servers in a specified channel. Supported Protocols (And Tested Games) Source Query (Full Support) Garrys Mod Counterstrike Arma 2 Empyrion Space Engineers The Forest Ark 7 Days to Die Gamespy v4 (Full Support) Minecraft...
  4. Hansel

    EN [Request] Steam sever stats

    Hello, I would like to see the server status like on the site https://steamstat.us/. I would like to see different things like (steam store & steam community & steam CMs with offcource the status behind it) in the description of a channel. Im not a skilled programmer i can't make a script but...
  5. irgendwr

    TS3 Uptimerobot - Server Status/Uptime Monitoring 3.0.2

    Please note: This script requires the SinusBot 1.0.0-Alpha and will not work otherwise! Informs you about the status of a server configured on uptimerobot.com Installation: Download the script and put it in the scripts folder where the SinusBot is installed Restart the SinusBot Go to...