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Uptimerobot - Server Status/Uptime Monitoring

TS3 Uptimerobot - Server Status/Uptime Monitoring 2.0

No permission to download
Informs you about the status of a server configured on uptimerobot.com

  1. Download the script and put it in the scripts folder
  2. Reload/restart the bot
  3. Go to uptimerobot.com, make an account, add a new monitor and generate a monitor specific API key in the Settings.
  4. Go to your webinterface > Settings > Scrips and enable the script by checking the box next to it
  5. configure the script (by clicking on the arrow to show the options)
  6. Click on 'Save changes' on the bottom
Example Config:

%name%, %uptime%, %url%, %port%, %type%, %status%, %id%, %created%, %ssl.brand%, %ssl.product%, %ssl.expires%

Be sure that the the Bot has the following permissions:

and enougth i_channel_modify_power

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.
I'd appreciate a rating if you like this script :D

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to new scripting engine and added more features \o/

    Fix: updated script to new scripting engine Fix: updated to new uptimerobot api Feature: added...
  2. Support for multiple Channels/Servers!

    Changes: The Script now supports multiple Channels/Servers! small Bugfixes
  3. Simpler setup and description change!

    New features: simpler setup (no need to enter the monitor number anymore!) change the...

Latest reviews


Finally you did it.

I notice that the %ping% placeholder isn't up?

Works Great But for me I would rather have multi server info in the same room
===== SERVER 1 ====
%s = status
%n = name
%u = uptimeratio
===== SERVER 1 ====
%s = status
%n = name
%u = uptimeratio

I only can add one server, but i want to add more server to check
Take a look at the new update, now it's possible.
EDIT: I had to add more server