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Youtube Webinterface

Youtube Webinterface 3.0

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In this minor release, we fixed the issues that come along with the SinusBot scripting engine replacement to the one which is Chromium also using. So we have now e.g. the possibilities to use modern ECMAScript Next syntax.

In general there were only issues fixed and all features should work as expected except the inline search. That's currently temporary disabled but will be back integrated again once it's stable enough.

For any issues feel free to contact me via a private message or post it into the corresponding thread.
- added direct search
- updated to the new scripting engine
- added discord support
- fixed not latin char encoding
- added back button
- cleaned up css
- added timeout (10 seconds) for the !playlist command, so that the server will not overload
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New features:
  • Selected Instance is now equal to the normal selected of the main page
  • Fixed encoding problem, UTF-8 characters are now displayed correctly
  • Now using the integrated assests
  • Stylesheets - Theme improvements
  • And other minor changes
New features:
  • Changed Query Version to 1.2.3
  • Added theme support (normal sinusbot themes)
  • Improved design of headings (now are they beside at the same high)
  • Added control bar for controlling (volume, play, pause, repeat, shuffle, previous, forwarding)
  • Changed name of the Github package in "YoutubeWebinterface"
New features:
  • Improved CSS design of the thumbnail boxes in the mobile view
  • Changed way of loading the Youtube embedded player --> very much faster
  • Disabled caching of the search input form
  • And other minor changes
New features:
  • Configure each instance individually (disable/enable functions like play, download and enqueue)
  • Changed way of loading the Youtube API
  • Moved all stylesheets and javascript libarys from a CDN to local
  • Improved language
  • Cleaned up ajax calls
  • And other minor changes
Enqueuing now working
be sure that you have the Bot Version 0.9.12-58b509d or newer (Released on 01.05.16)