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  1. Mavi

    Solved Youtube-DL not working.

    EDIT: I just tried to fiddle with the config again and removing the path to the youtube-dl worked (not sure what the problem was but it works now without an issue. Ooops) Hello, I freshly installed new Sinusbot, and downloaded the latest Youtube-DL, but every time I use the !yt or !ytdl...
  2. D

    Cant play song

    Hi, I have problem with play music from youtube. Before 4days work perfectly but now dont work. In instance log write this: 2019-04-30T18:02:05+02:00 CHAT 1 [danster @ Danster] < yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2X5mJ3HDYE > / OK 2019-04-30T18:02:05+02:00 PRIVATE-CHAT [Danster] yt...
  3. Holt

    Solved [Sinusbot-Alpha] Youtube-DL wird nicht mehr erkannt

    Einen wunderschönen Guten Abend, Ich habe von Flyth die Sinusbot-Alpha-Version bekommen. Diese habe ich einmal als Neuinstallation bekommen und einmal geupdated. Nun bekomme ich folgende Fehlermeldung im Log: 2019/01/13 20:50:21 [GENERAL/YTDL ] INFO youtube-dl checking... 2019/01/13...
  4. odinti

    TS3 Playlist Manager 1.0

    Playlist Manager A very simple interface to paste or drop a youtube url into the window to add to the current queue Installation Extract the zip contents into your scripts folder Features Drag and drop Paste Action: next Action: remove Action: clear queue Requirements WebSocket module...
  5. z0ekxy

    Solved Youtube Music || Question

    Hello! I would like to know if there is any script that does the following image
  6. Pwned

    DE YouTube Request Music

    Moin, ich suche ein Script, mit welchem man Songs von YouTube Requesten kann. !wish [SongURL] -> "Dein Song: %Song% von: %User% zur Playlist hinzugefügt!" !skip -> " %User% möchte das aktuelle Lied überspringen | (Vote Process!) | - wenn 10Leute in dem Channel dann [1/10] (mindestens 5 Leute...
  7. FluffyViperDE


    Hallo, Ich hoffe das ist der richtige Bereich, wenn nicht bitte Thema moven! Danke <3 Ich habe mich schon immer gewundert warum Youtube-DL auf dem Heimrechner schneller ist als auf mein KVM System obwohl der KVM eine Bessere Verbindung hat (Standard) Mit Freundlichen Grüßen Johannes |...
  8. K

    Abspielen der YouTube Playlist nicht möglich

    Hi Ich habe folgendes Problem und zwar kann der SinusBot keinen YouTube Playlist abspielen. Ich hab einen neu Playlist erstellt und den YouTube Linke eingefügt nur wenn ich dann ein Lied abspielen will bekomme ich diesen Fehler: Fehler Die gewählte Datei oder der gewählte Stream konnte nicht...
  9. Filtik

    YouTube Feed 0.4

    YouTube Feed Wie der Name schon sagt, kann mit diesen Script YouTube Channels Abboniert werden und die letzten Beiträge in ein TS-Channel als Beschreibung eingetragen werden. Feed anzeige dynamisch einstellbar Channelname als: Custom Last Feed YouTubename Bildgröße separat einstellbar
  10. B

    YouTube - ChannelNameManager 0.2.1

    With this script you can configure channels which will be renamed configurable. You can show a YouTube subcounter, show if this channel is live on YouTube and show if a certain user is online in teamspeak. The full name is configurable. Every x seconds this data will be checked and the channel...
  11. B

    YouTube Live Notification 0.8

    With this script you can configurate YouTube-Channels and the script will check if this channel is live on YouTube if a new user enters the teamspeak. If someone is live, the new client will recieve a configurable message (containing link and name). At the moment I decided to only send these...
  12. B

    NotificationSystem 0.3

    This script allows you to bring up a small NotificationSystem on your server. You can configure a notificiation group and all messages. Now every time a user joins any channel, this script will check if someone is set in your config to be notified when someone joins this channel and check, if...
  13. iamcYtrox

    YouTube-Playlist || Bot changes song after some time.

    Hey guys, First of all I'd like to say, that I really love this bot and the project. It got so much features and everybody on the teamspeak loves to use it. Lately I tried to use the youtube-playlist feature. I converted my Spotify playlist into a youtube playlist and added it with the use of...
  14. Zkitzo

    Solved YouTube playlist all tracks a 0:00 (0 min 0 seconds)

    Operating System: Ubuntu Zesty (17.04) SinusBot Version: 0.9.21-87a90ce TS3 Version: YouTube-dl version: 2017.08.27.1 Problem Description Describe your problem in detail. What did you do exactly, what did you expect to happen and what did actually happen? Sinusbot can't play any track...
  15. NayronFX

    Solved Playlist don't play

    Hello, i am totally lost right now, i installed the Sinusbot using the featured Installscript from this Website everything is working without any Problems, BUT Adding a Playlist doesn't work, i can create a Playlist but i doesn't add any Songs in the Webinterface it just says "PLAYLISTNAME" (0)...
  16. olokos

    Youtube search Sorry, nothing found

    Hi, I recently reinstalled everything on my server from scratch, yet I can't get Youtube search plugin to work at all. https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/youtube-search.56/ I'm talking about this script by @NT5 ========================================================== SINUSBOT RELATED...
  17. Jumpy

    YouTube & Twitch Livestream im Bot

    Hallo zusammen, wird es eventuell in absehbarer Zeit möglich sein über unseren geliebten SinusBot YouTube und Twitch Livestreams abzuspielen? Es geht mir nicht um das Bild sondern nur um den Ton, denn es gibt zahlreiche 'Radios' die 'nur' einen solchen Livestream haben. Mit freundlichen...
  18. Dotty

    EN [SOLVED][API] add url and download

    Hi, I'm writing a script that given a Youtube url get the mp3 file (this part il done, I have an api pointing to the mp3 file url given the Youtube link) and here is my problem: I want sinusbot to download this file and add it to the list. But this api end-point...
  19. J

    Solved Youtube playlists

    pls make that you can add youtube video and youtube playlists so i dont have to download evry videos musik just put in the url and than he plays it and the same with a playlist so i just create a playlist and the sinusbot plays it
  20. Knackrack615

    !search / !play for YouTube playlists

    Hello, it would be really useful if you could use !search and !play for Youtube playlists I'm sure many people would appreciate that :) (Yes ive seen some posts for stuff similar to this but they're really old and without replies)