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Music info in multiple channels

TS3 Music info in multiple channels 2.0.2

No permission to download
Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
Music info in multiply channels
Display song title and artist in 2 channels + a channel for an offline text or when playing for: (title) "by" (artist)

Last Stable Version: 2.0.2 (Direct Download)
Last DevBuild Version: -

Function in v2.0.x:
  • Set one channel for currently playing song title
  • Set one channel for currently playing song artist
  • Set one channel between the title and artist for offline text or when playing for (title) "by" (artist)
  • Select if you want to use the defaultsettings or customsettings.
  • Set the offline text if you don't like the default text
  • Set the text between the title and artist: "by" in your language
  • Set the channel type ("cSpacer", "rSpacer", "Spacer" or "No Spacer")
  • Set a Instance number, if you want to use this script multiply on your server.
  • Set the "not found" text if no title or artist was found.
  • Log all events to Instanze Log
  • Download the Script and put it in your script folder
  • Restart your Sinusbot
  • Go to script settings and set up the configuration
  • Give your Bot the TS³ permission: "b_channel_modify_name"

  • Finish! Play music and enjoy :)
Addons for this Script:
Another AloneMode.js (V2.1 | 01.01.2018) (Comming Soon)

  • Nothing, give your ideas in the review's.

Please leave a review and give your ideas here

Don't copy my script and reuploaded it in your language.
You can send me a PM with the translated code, and i will provide it as code in this description.

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch.
PPS: German Support auch über TS³ möglich. Einfach per PM anfordern.
First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug Fixes

    '+' = added | '-' = removed | '»' fixed/changed | '°' = planed V2.0.1: + Added requipments...
  2. Update to new Sinusbot Script Engine and change functions.

    '+' = added | '-' = removed | '»' fixed/changed | '°' = planed V2.0: + added a "Not Found"...
  3. Added multiple use on one server

    '+' = added | '-' = removed | '»' fixed/changed | '°' = planed V1.4.0: + Added multiply use...

Latest reviews

Cooles Script, aber eine Frage hätte ich noch: Ist die Länge des Song Titels durch die maximale Eingabegröße limitiert oder ist der Titel einfach so "kurz abgeschnitten"?

EDIT: Habs in den Einstellungen gefunden DANKE TOP SCRIPT
Hat immer gut funktioniert. Doch leider ist es nicht mit der neusten Sinusbot Version kompatibel :(
Hallo @PlayTronix, bitte schreibe mir eine PN im Forum mit Problembeschreibung und Sinusbot Version. Ich werde mein bestes geben dass Problem zu lösen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Danke für deine Positive Bewertung Vasich_rus.
Es freut mich das dir das Script gefällt.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Español por favor
Works well
It"s Good but some channels that i"m want to use are"nt be used then it"s had used then my spacer and not my cspacer wtf XDD
but i"m have make a german version of your plugin :)