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  • Happy New Year everyone! A new version (1.0.0-beta.16) is out for Linux, fixing an issue that could lock the bot up when using it with TS3. Please visit the resources section or the main page (https://www.sinusbot.com) for the new package.

not working

  1. Jeydi

    Solved Sinusbot startet auf TS3 nicht

    2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG eof from voice 2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG closing channels 2020/05/19 22:39:46 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG eof from data 2020/05/19 22:39:52 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG Storing configuration. 2020/05/19 22:39:58 f0c69cc4 2a3cbe8e DEBUG...
  2. Karate_Creeper

    Linux VPS: Can't start more than 4 bots.

    Hi there, At first I share all information needed as given by the "Read me before you post!" General specs and stats: config.ini: TS3Path = "/opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/ts3client_linux_amd64" ListenHost = "" DataDir = "/opt/sinusbot/data/" ListenPort = 8087 LocalPlayback = false...
  3. J

    Commands not Working

    I have installed sinus bot but commands not working. i have all Permissions and the bot has [Owner] Group. But commands not working iam write !say (TTS Is Set up correclty) but the but doing nothing. !yt do nothing !ytdl do nothing !start/!stop do nothing. All its broke!!!! Fix it! Please
  4. A

    SinusBot isnt working correctly.

    Hello, Im F#@-ing raged, because i was 6HRS configuring sinusbot, it was for nothing. It isnt working. Im using DEB9 (Stretch), I used wikis manual and all setupped by it. NOT WORKING.
  5. K

    Solved Scripts not working for discord

    Hi all, I have been using a discord instance of SinusBot, but I never attempted to add any scripts before tonight. None of the ones I download and put into the "scripts" folder is working (http://prntscr.com/h8j92x). An option to enable them in the web interface doesn't seem to work...
  6. VerHext

    clientNick event not work!

    Operating System: Windows / Linux Problem Description Ich habe festgestellt dass, das Client objekt nicht im "clientNick" event aufrufen ist. event.on('clientNick', function(ev) { engine.log(ev.client.name()); // undefiniert });
  7. VerHext

    Solved MaxClient channel edit not work

    Problem Description Hallo, ich glaube ich habe einen Bug gefunden, in meinem Support++ Script editiere ich die Channel, das funktioniert auch alles Perfekt bis auf den Parameter MaxClients. backend.getChannelByID(channelEdit.spSupportChannelNameChange).update({ name...
  8. B

    Solved This version has expired?

    Hello, yesterday my VPS with teamspeak and sinusbot after 70-days restarted. Teamspeak server has loaded normally but sinusbot not. When i want to run sinusbot in screen i get these error: This version has expired. Please download a newer version from the official SinusBot website and upgrade...

    Solved "This version has expired" Bot not starting

    0.9.16 without problems but ı updated 0.9.18. not working not starting windows 10 pro 64 bit teamspeak 64 bit version
  10. D

    I do not want more updates SINUSBOT

    I ask you sinus Botos PLS no more update or if it will also update You are not obliged to clear the new version If you are new to the old one does not start and it's been frustrating sorry the English speaking i em Hungarian
  11. Y

    Sinusbot can't connect to TS3 and even webadmin doesn't work.

    Greetings to everyone who is reading my post. I found out, that your newer beta-releases version 0.9.8+ are kinda broken and I'm not only one who has this problem. There wasn't any problem, when I used version 0.9.8, but I wanted to upgrade from 0.9.8 to newer beta-release 0.9.15 because I was...
  12. F

    Solved Sinusbot don't start

    Hello, I have a problem with Sinusbot. 2 months ago (and more) Sinusbot works perfectly. But today, when i type ./sinusbot in putty, nothing .... With my old installation or fresh installation, same problem. Rights are good, Ts3 client have been reinstalled, config.ini don't change and i can't...