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  1. M

    TS3 [EOL] Extension Store for SConomy NG 1.1

    Relies on SConomy NG. [End Of Life] This plugin adds an extended store to SConomy NG (1.1). Features: Create gift codes Create text items for the store (same as group store from SConomy NG) [for paysafecard, maybe?] Set a limited number of gift codes / text items Fully customizable...
  2. M

    TS3 [EOL] Auction for SConomy NG 1.0.1

    [End Of Life] An auction system for SConomy NG (v1.0). Features (with a lot of options): Create auctions with SConomy NG currency Customizable commands Customizable messages Comprehensive auction creation process (every auction has its own parameters) Multiple auction type: ServerGroup or...
  3. M

    TS3 [EOL] Upgrade store for SConomy NG 0.1

    [End Of Life] The aim of the plugin is to add to SConomy NG a store that has a unique item. But that unique item can be upgraded! Features: Upgrade servergroups Customizable commands Customizable messages Set required groups to access the store Default command list: * !upgrade => Upgrade the...
  4. M

    SConomy NG Database Plugin 1.1.1

    SConomy NG Database Plugin adds the database storage to SConomy NG (MariaDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL) [v1.1]. Setup: In the config.ini files (next to the script folder), add the 2 following lines (allow the database connection): [Scripts.Privileges] sconomy-ng-db = ["db"] Database credentials...
  5. M

    TS3 Wheel of Fortune 1.3

    Relies on SConomy NG. This plugin adds a Wheel of Fortune for SConomy NG. Features: - Usable only one time every X minutes - Lists all possible prices - Fully customizable (including messages) - Set customizable gains with their names, reward price (money or servergroup), pourcentage to get...
  6. M

    TS3 SConomy NG - Simple Currency System 1.8.1

    A very simple currency system based on the time spent on the server (v1.8.x). Features (with a lot of options): - Set an amount of money to deliver to connected client every X seconds / minutes - Ignore channels (such as AFK) - Commands - Customizable commands and messages - Admin groups can...
  7. Am4n

    Outdated SConomy - Simple Currency System 1.0

    This Ressource will add a simple currency system to use with your script it will let you define groups with currency rates e.g. servergroup 300 will get 15 currency every 60 seconds You can integrate the system to your own scripts by modifying the sinusbot var uid+'sconomy'