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    TS3 [EOL] Extension Store for SConomy NG 1.1

    Relies on SConomy NG. [End Of Life] This plugin adds an extended store to SConomy NG (1.1). Features: Create gift codes Create text items for the store (same as group store from SConomy NG) [for paysafecard, maybe?] Set a limited number of gift codes / text items Fully customizable...
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    TS3 [EOL] Auction for SConomy NG 1.0.1

    [End Of Life] An auction system for SConomy NG (v1.0). Features (with a lot of options): Create auctions with SConomy NG currency Customizable commands Customizable messages Comprehensive auction creation process (every auction has its own parameters) Multiple auction type: ServerGroup or...
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    TS3 [EOL] Upgrade store for SConomy NG 0.1

    [End Of Life] The aim of the plugin is to add to SConomy NG a store that has a unique item. But that unique item can be upgraded! Features: Upgrade servergroups Customizable commands Customizable messages Set required groups to access the store Default command list: * !upgrade => Upgrade the...
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    SConomy NG Database Plugin 1.1.2

    SConomy NG Database Plugin adds the database storage to SConomy NG (MariaDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL) [v1.1]. Setup [not needed if sinusbot >= 1.0]: In the config.ini files (next to the script folder), add the 2 following lines (allow the database connection): [Scripts.Privileges]...
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    TS3 Wheel of Fortune 1.3

    Relies on SConomy NG. This plugin adds a Wheel of Fortune for SConomy NG. Features: - Usable only one time every X minutes - Lists all possible prices - Fully customizable (including messages) - Set customizable gains with their names, reward price (money or servergroup), pourcentage to get...
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    TS3 SConomy NG - Simple Currency System 1.8.2

    A very simple currency system based on the time spent on the server (v1.8.x). [1.0 alpha] Sinusbot seems to crash on the 1.0 alpha version, be sure to have at least the beta1 if you have any problems. Features (with a lot of options): - Set an amount of money to deliver to connected client...