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TS3 Wheel of Fortune 1.3

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Relies on SConomy NG.

This plugin adds a Wheel of Fortune for SConomy NG.

Place the script into sinusbot script folder and restart the bot. After that, you can configure it like every script (in the web interface).

Note: the SConomy NG script has to use the public storage provider.

- Usable only one time every X minutes
- Lists all possible prices
- Fully customizable (including messages)
- Set customizable gains with their names, reward price (money or servergroup), pourcentage to get the price and reward message
- Warns users when the Wheel is ready to be used (poke or message)

Default commands:
- !roll => Rolls the wheel (obviously)
- !gains => Get all the possible gains (can be disabled)

Needed permissions:
i_client_private_textmessage_power (for communication)
i_client_poke_power (for communication)

Configuration example:
Here are two possible items for the wheel:

You have a 5% chance of getting the lucky member loot (when using the wheel).
When you get it, you have the associated group (ID 15, here) assigned to you.
If you already have that server group, you'll have 200 coins credited into your wallet.

You have 90% chance of getting the sticks (so, 5 coins will be credited into your wallet) and the 5% reminding are the default loot (can be a bad luck loot that removes coins).
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Latest updates

  1. Always saty positive!

    Added: option to keep the users wallet always positive.
  2. Group loots

    Added: possibility to win servergroups Warning: Gains command output [Body] changed.
  3. Fix: wheel ready message is send only on user connection

    Fixed (very very) stupid typos that prevented the message to be send to the user without a...

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Easy setup and fully functional :-)