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  1. D

    TS3 !find (!search that takes into account the teamspeak character limit) 1.0

    !find !find is a !search that takes into account the teamspeak character limit (8192 characters as of teamspeak version 3.5.6). Usage: !find <text to search for> Features find local tracks as the !search command split into different messages if message size is over 8192 display error...
  2. DarkStaR

    TS3 Search Playlists 1.1

    With this plugin you can search for saved playlists. Optionally you can specify a search string to filter playlists. The result will be an ordered list in the chat with the total count of found playlists. Installation: Download the script and place it in the scripts folder of your Sinus bot...
  3. M

    EN Search Script to count Servergroups

    GERMAN: Hallo Zusammen, ich suche ein Script, welches Servergruppen zählt und in die Beschreibung in ein Channel schreibt mit Formatierung. Dazu die Möglichkeit es auf eine Art und Weise zu unterteilen (mit Leerzeile oder Zeile mit Sonderzeichen, sodass man Servergruppen gruppieren kann, um...
  4. olokos

    Youtube search Sorry, nothing found

    Hi, I recently reinstalled everything on my server from scratch, yet I can't get Youtube search plugin to work at all. https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/youtube-search.56/ I'm talking about this script by @NT5 ========================================================== SINUSBOT RELATED...
  5. Flo_HD

    DE Suche Whisper Script

    Hallo Ihr :) Ich suche ein Whisper Script wie bei TS3 Index. Mit dem Script soll zur Wirkung kommen wenn man dem Musikbot !sub schreibt das er die Musik über Whisper überträgt. Mit !unsub wird sie nicht mehr übertragen. Wäre wirklich wunderschön wenn sich jemand finden würde der sich in dem...
  6. Knackrack615

    !search / !play for YouTube playlists

    Hello, it would be really useful if you could use !search and !play for Youtube playlists I'm sure many people would appreciate that :) (Yes ive seen some posts for stuff similar to this but they're really old and without replies)
  7. Patrick15a

    TS3 YT-search 2.1

    [YT-Search] Get a YouTube-Search Link from the current Track. Important: This Script will only generate a link for a search with the current track and artist. It will not play music from YouTube or SoundCloud! Function in v2.1.x: Search the current track on Youtube or SoundCloud. Set a custom...
  8. Alexey

    Feature Search Radio Station

    Good morning, Can you add feature using search command to find radio station from /play/stations list? I think many people will use bot to translate just streams and radio translations - it will be very usefull to find radio station and start stream from text command.