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TS3 YT-search 2.1

No permission to download
Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3
Get a YouTube-Search Link from the current Track.

This Script will only generate a link for a search with the current track and artist. It will not play music from YouTube or SoundCloud!

Function in v2.0.x:
  • Search the current track on Youtube or SoundCloud.
  • Set a custom command for Youtube-search and SoundCloud-search.
  • Set a custom Prefix.
  • Download the Script and put it in your script folder
  • Restart your Sinusbot
  • Go to script settings and set up the configuration
  • Give your Bot the TS³ permission: "i_client_private_textmessage_power"

  • Finish! Play music, use your defined command and enjoy :)
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Don't copy my script and reuploaded it in your language.
You can send me a PM with the translated code, and i will provide it as code in this description.

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch.
PPS: German Support auch über TS³ möglich. Einfach per PM anfordern.

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