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Game Server Query

TS3 Game Server Query 2.3.1

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
Game Server Query

This script can show server information of game servers in a specified channel.

Supported Protocols (And Tested Games)
  • Source Query (Full Support)
    • Garrys Mod
    • Counterstrike
    • Arma 2
    • Empyrion
    • Space Engineers
    • The Forest
    • Ark
    • 7 Days to Die
  • Gamespy v4 (Full Support)
    • Minecraft
  • Gamespy v3 (Partial Support - server should not be queried to frequently)
    • UT3
  • Gamespy (Full Support)
    • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield 2 (Full Support)
  • Battlefield 3 (Full Support)
    • Medal of Honor Warfighter (Uses same protocol)
  • Terraria (Full Support)
  • GTA FiveM (Full Support)
  • Eco (Full Support)
  • ASE (Full Support)
    • Multi Theft Auto

It allows the monitoring of multiple servers.
The script is tested with Garrys Mod, Empyrion and Arma2, but should work for anything else that supports the source server protocol.

Additional Notes for Minecraft - you need to enable query in the server properties. Sometimes your server status will toggle here depending on the load of your server. If that happens increase the timeout in the script


  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Edit the sinusbot config file to give this script "net" permissions
    • [Scripts.Privileges]
    • ServerQuery = ["net"]

Changes of Channel Name or Description depending on your settings


Supported Placeholders for channel name and description
  • %s - Status
  • %g - Game
  • %m - Map
  • %v - Version
  • %n - Name
  • %d - Description
  • %p - Current Players
  • %b - Current Bots
  • %pmax - Max Players

Keep in mind that not every server supports every placeholder as they vary between the games.

Also make sure the bot has sufficient permissions to edit the channels.

  • ProfDrBielefeld (Formatting of BF3 Data)

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.
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Latest updates

  1. Game Server Query 2.3.1

    Added Support for ASE Servers (Multi Theft Auto etc) Fixed Battlefield (API Change bytes() =>...
  2. Game Server Query 2.3

    Added Support for ASE Servers (Multi Theft Auto etc) Fixed Battlefield (API Change bytes() =>...
  3. Game Server Query 2.2

    Support for Eco

Latest reviews

Worked fine for our Arma and DayZ servers, couldnt seem to get it to work for Minecraft though. Seems I'm not the only one, and the creator would rather argue.
At first I couldn't get it to work on my csgo server, then I realised I had to put this cvars in my server.cfg

host_name_store 1
host_info_show 1
host_players_show 2
work for me 100%
Isn't work
learn to read the instructions and it will work.
It's an incredible script! I hope that it could support more games (unturned, l4d2, csgo, etc.)
The specific cs go server(like when you host one yourself) work - however not querying generic server status of all steam servers for example.
Can't say anything for the remaining games since I have no servers available there
Leider Funktioniert der Bot so nicht, weder für Ark noch für Minecraft und mein Javascript ist zu schlecht um das zu beheben.
Werd es wohl doch über meinen Querybot machen müssen.
Er funktioniert - Bedienfehler sind nicht Script Probleme.
Nachdem es die Minecraft Scripte nicht mehr gibt, fand ich nun das hier, leider Funktioniert es nur halb da es bei jeder Aktualisierung wechselt (Online > Offline > Online > Offline...) daher nicht wirklich zu gebrauchen in Bezug auf Minecraft.
Das Problem hier ist eher bei der Latenz / Reaktionsgeschwindigkeit deines Minecraftservers - zur Not im Script die Toleranz erhöhen wenn der Server nicht lokal läuft / zu lahm ist
I am using for a while now..

Never had problem with it, always working and it is really useful for gaming communities.

Great script :)
Not working
I guess the only thing not working is your ability to read
for anyone having this issue all you need to do is to right click on the serverquery.j and edit it. there you will have something like name: 'interval' and you will have to playe a comma after it like so: name: 'interval',
2019-04-25T14:55:10+02:00 no valid script found in ServerQuery.js
2019-04-25T14:55:10+02:00 error in script: Uncaught exception: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier at ServerQuery.js:8:8 title: 'Update Interval in minutes', ^^^^^ Stack trace: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier