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stream link

  1. CZghost

    How can I add a radio stream in the music?

    Hi folks. I'd like to add a radio stream to the music files from this address: http://icecast2.play.cz/country128aac It's a country music radio, I'd like to add it to this playlist: However, it doesn't work. When I download M3U that contains this stream link, it doesn't add it at all because...
  2. S

    Solved Error while streaming music

    Hey, i always get the same error when I want to play an online-Stream via Sinusbot: Stream-Link: http://stream01.ilovemusic.de/iloveradio108.mp3 Error: Error The provided URL could not be recognized as a valid stream. Sorry. I add it via ADD URL Thanks for every help in advance!
  3. Nuklearpopel

    Suche mp3 Streamlink

    Hallo an die Com, ich suche von folgendem Sender einen direkten mp3 streamlink: https://www.rautemusik.fm/harder/ Kann man mir weiterhelfen? hay Community, I do search a direct mp3 streamlink for: https://www.rautemusik.fm/harder/ Can someone help me?
  4. G

    Can't get this stream link to work?

    I don't understand why because the website for them says they are the direct stream URL's, so im confused as to why they aren't working. They're: triple j MP3: http://www.abc.net.au/res/streaming/audio/mp3/triplej.pls AAC+: http://www.abc.net.au/res/streaming/audio/aac/triplej.pls
  5. ExplosionTopic | Ka!jim

    Sinusbot mag keine URL bzw. Streams hinzufügen

    Servus liebe Community und Teammember von Sinusbot :D mein Bot mag keine URl / Streams mehr annehmen. Wenn ich den Link von ILoveRadio nehme (www.iloveradio.de/streams) sagt er mir: Error The provided URL could not be recognized as a valid stream. Sorry Und wenn ich andere Streams hinzufügen...
  6. Duarte Silva


    Hello guys , I am providing a list of Portuguese radio stream links and other radio stream links PORTUGUESE RADIOS : MEGAHITS - http://19553.live.streamtheworld.com:80/MEGA_HITS_SC RFM - http://19553.live.streamtheworld.com:3690/RFM_SC HIPERFM - Total Fm -...
  7. Z

    EN [REQUEST] !skyrock radio

    [EN] Hello everybody! I would have wanted to know if somebody of you would be kind enough to make me a script for! Skyrock and that this throws the radio skyrock (URL: http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k) It would replace !stream http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k by !Skyrock...
  8. kil okjil

    Control Panel does not add radio station playlist

    Operating System: Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf SinusBot Version: 0.9.16-10f0fad TS3 Version: Hardware Specs: > Memory: 512 MB > Swap: 512 MB > Processor: i7-920 Browser: Firefox Problem Description Control Panel does not add radio station playlist. Only shows the menu "All Music". Link...