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Jail 1.2.3

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This Script will allow you to Lock Clients into a Channel with one Command!
You can choose between Permanently or Temporary Locking them into a Channel!

If the Client tries to leave the Channel or Reconnect then he will be automatically moved back into the Jail Channel.

Auto Jail Recording Clients
Command Permissions via Server Group
Permanent / Temporary Jailing
Disable Jailing of certain Server Groups
Assigning ServerGroup on jailed Clients


!jail <EMPTY FOR Permanent|<time> <Seconds|Minutes|Hours|Days>> <clienturl|uid|namepart>
Jails a Client

!unjail <clienturl/uid|namepart>
Unjails a Client Instantly

Lists all Clients currently Jailed

Get the Help Text from the Bot

Usage Examples:
!jail [URL=client://0/abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=~Some%20Client]Some Client[/URL]
!jail abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=
!jail 100 Seconds [URL=client://0/abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=~Some%20Client]Some Client[/URL]
!jail Sinus
!jail 2 Hours abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=
!unjail abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=
!unjail [URL=client://0/abcdefghi/jklmnopq123456789a=~Some%20Client]Some Client[/URL]

Needed Permissions:

i_channel_subscribe_power (high enough)
i_client_max_channel_subscriptions (best would be -1)
i_client_kick_from_channel_power (high enough)

You can easily Drag and Drop the Client into the Chat to get his Client URL
For the Best Experience set to the Jail Channel or the Servergroup Permission b_client_is_sticky!
For the Time Identification you can Currently use
Second(s) - Minute(s) - Hour(s) - Day(s)
First release
Last update
4.10 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. More Bugfixxes

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  2. Small Improvements

    Better Config Validation
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Latest reviews

when I add a random server group the script jail the client and in console there is an error 2017/12/22 14:08:49 de0c13e1 68eec1d1 WARN Error in script (event serverGroupAdded): &{value:{name:TypeError message:can't convert from "boolean" to "*map[string]interface {}" trace:[] offset:-1}}
Works pretty well, i can jail my friends on my teamspeak. 10/10 would do again

I could not get it working, does it really work?
Fill a 0 into the second field, forgot to completely verify the configuration
thx man !!!!
Funktioniert überhaupt nicht!
Logs? Was funktioniert nicht? eine Problembeschreibung wäre sinnvoll
Works Perfectly
hello , instead of moving the person you could make you write !jail (nickname) grupid 10min
Script works exactly as it is suppose to. So far. I love it.
Latest update allows jailing clients based off of keywords. Allows to add groups which can't be attacked.
Bestens :)