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welcome message

  1. z0ekxy

    Solved what script is that contains this?

    Hello again! I come to bother you again with my questions I mean IP, first connection, Operating System, Total Connections, Your Country
  2. Patrick15a

    TS3 WelcomeMessage+ 1.0.6_Quick-Fix

    [WelcomeMessage+] Send a WelcomeMessage to a user when he joined the Server. Requirements: Sinusbot Version: 0.9.21+ Backend: Ts3 Last Version: 1.0.6_Quick-Fix (Direct Download) Last DevBuild Version: - Function in v1.0.x: Send a WelcomeMessage to the user who joined the Server with...
  3. S

    Commands request

    Hi So I authorized my friends to control the bot and I want to make my bot answer with a message made by me on command. For example: My friend types "!commands" and he gets a feedback message which is a list of commands created by me. How do I do this? I've tried to do so but i haven't find a...