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Solved what script is that contains this?


Hello again!

I come to bother you again with my questions

I mean IP, first connection, Operating System, Total Connections, Your Country



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is awesome!
What do you mean with "that script"? You want to know the name of the script? We don't know. Can be selfmade from that guy who owns that bot or a friend of him could have made it or it's indeed in the script store on this webpage but I don't know it.
Dunno, can be everything. And tbh, if this script really only prints those informations to you, then it's

A) a pretty useless script, because teamspeak shows them allreay in the client informations and
B) its like a 5 lines of code script. 3 or less if you don't make any line breaks in the editor.
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Thank you very much Kir-à
As for my English, it's pretty basic and I know

As for the script, I was just asking if there was one that gave that data. I know that in ts you can see this data, but I try to improve the ts and a more elaborate message gives a better presentation

as for WelcomeMessge + it only provides the following (currently I already use it)
  • Displaying Username
  • Displaying UserOnlineCount
  • Displaying TeamOnlineCount
  • Displaying Total Connections

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