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TS3 WelcomeMessage+ 1.0.6_Quick-Fix

No permission to download
Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3
Send a WelcomeMessage to a user when he joined the Server.

Sinusbot Version: 0.9.21+
Backend: Ts3

Last Version: 1.0.6_Quick-Fix (Direct Download)
Last DevBuild Version: -

Function in v1.0.x:
  • Send a WelcomeMessage to the user who joined the Server with:
    • Displaying Username (%usernme%).
    • Displaying UserOnlineCount (%userOnlineCount%).
    • Displaying TeamOnlineCount (%teamOnlineCount%).
    • Displaying Total Connections (%totalConnections%%).
  • You can set the Team Groups.
  • You can set the Ignore Groups (Clients in this Group will not counted in "UserOnlineCount" and will not receive the WelcomeMessage
  • Users can use "!wmp ignore" and "!wmp unignore" to un/ignore the WelcomeMessage.
  • You can set the Prefix for the Script (Displaying by the commands and by using %prefix% in the WelcomeMessage)
  • Download the Script and put it in your script folder
  • Restart your Sinusbot
  • Go to script settings and set up the configuration
  • Give your Bot the TS³ permission:
    • "i_client_private_textmessage_power"
    • "b_virtualserver_servergroup_list"
    • "b_virtualserver_servergroup_client_list"
  • Finish! :)
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Don't copy my script and reuploaded it in your language.
You can send me a PM with the translated code, and i will provide it as code in this description.

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch.
PPS: German Support auch über TS³ möglich. Einfach per PM anfordern.

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Latest updates

  1. Quick-Fix

    Added a comma ad the end of line 43. Sorry for this fault.
  2. Correct Textfield Description

    '+' = added | '-' = removed | '»' fixed/changed | '°' = planed V1.0.6: » Correct Textfield...
  3. Bug Fix

    '+' = added | '-' = removed | '»' fixed/changed | '°' = planed V1.0.5: » Fixed that...

Latest reviews

I had this plugin and it was great 5/5.
However it was suddenly removed from my bot's scripts list and now I cant download it back :( Any Help?
PS: I'm renting sinusbot's bots from the 3rd party company, and have no can't manually install the plugin
Echt gutes Script aber kannst noch hinzufügen das man gruppen irgnore machen kann und und entscheiden kann ob Poke oder Message? Dann wäre es perfekt!!!
👍 Ich kann mir keine bessere Willkommenes-Nachricht vorstellen! 😉
It's very good script, but can you add: unique id , server uptime, first time joined, users ip.
Funktioniert super! Hab nur einen kleinen Bug gefunden: Wenn ich durch das erstellen eines temporären Channel in ihn hinein geschoben werde bekomme ich auch die Willkommens nachricht.
Well done, could you add the feature we can edit the !ignore ? thks
script work good thx. ^^
Thanks for your positive review.

With best regards
Tausend mal besser als das Standard-Willkommensnachricht-Script, vielen Dank!
Danke für deine Positive Bewertung :)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Works like a charm :*
Thanks for your positive review.

With best regards
Thanks for the script works perfectly ;)
Thanks for your positive review :)

With best regards