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2022 & welcome message (modal) broke sinusbot... :(


Thank you the bot is now working on all TS server under my hands with beta 16 (deleted the cache folder directly didn't attempt without deleting it). I will try to edit the server back to where it was regarding its settings and see if something breaks. I will edit this post accordingly.

//EDIT: it works with the Message Mode back to where it was.
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Thanks for the feedback! Here's another version for you to test. I missed a second date field in the TS config that might have to do with the modal window appearing.
Some background info: It's important for the bot to be able to prevent any kind of modal windows since it blocks the main thread of the client, which then leads to timeouts in the scripting engine. Some of those possibilities are mitigated by letting the client assume, it already showed them and doesn't need to check again for updates for some time. I'll try to find a better way to handle this in the future but until then, I hope this version does work again.

If it doesn't work on first try, please empty ./data/ts3 again. That folder is indeed just a "cache" of the TS3 client data and has got nothing to do with the bot itself or the configuration of scripts etc. So yeah, it's safe to delete :)
Hello flyth! Thank you so much! :) This version solved the modal welcome message problem, no clearing /date/ts3 was required.