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Solved A manual update is required

Discussion in 'Installation' started by Prixix, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. B2sv

    B2sv Member

    any help support forum ?????
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  2. Diesmon

    Diesmon Donor is awesome! Insider

    You realy expect help at 2AM in a small little support community forum?

    gj mate
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  3. Vampire

    Vampire Member

    Hi! I also have the same problem and my system time is correct , Have anyone solved this problem?
  4. sinusbotter

    sinusbotter New Member

    Since tonight 4:07 my bot also stopped responding, on 2K12R2 (legitimate install) VM. Seems to be giving the manual update required error which sadly is less than helpful.
    Tried manually updating both the Teamspeak client and Sinusbot, sinusbot doesn't seem to have an update but downloaded it off the site and tried it anyway and Teamspeak can't update to the latest version as Sinusbot would break.
    The time and timezone are synced through the domain and are correct, I have restored three backups, two from offline storage so nothing on my end has changed, this is an issue on Sinusbots end somewhere, how can we go about solving this though?..

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