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Can Some Saviour Please Help Me? SinusBot wont start ...

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James Malone

New Member
2016-12-02T16:48:37+11:00 Storing configuration.
2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 Closed.
2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 TSClient quit. LogLevel has been increased, please try to connect again to see more details.
2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 Error spawning instancefork/exec C:\SinusBot\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win64.exe: The requested operation requires elevation.
2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 Starting instance ts3server://
2016-12-02T16:48:22+11:00 Already online.

I keep getting that error message when I try and start the instance, it was working perfectly fine yesterday.
What I have done so far:
  • Reinstalled SinusBot 3x
  • Reinstalled TS 3x
  • Ran both as admin
I'm probably dealing with the most frustrating thing right now I have no clue why it wont start and tell me to accept the license, it just does nothing. Please help me.
Thank you

James Malone

New Member
Using the most recent SinusBot -0.9.15
Using the most recent Teamspeak
Using Windows 10
Using Google Chrome (tried with edge aswell)
Using i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4
And this is whats is in the config file:

TS3Path = "C:\\SinusBot\\TeamSpeak 3 Client\\ts3client_win64.exe"
ListenHost = ""
DataDir = "C:\\SinusBot\\data\\"
ListenPort = 8087
LocalPlayback = false
EnableLocalFS = false
MaxBulkOperations = 300
LogLevel = 3
EnableProfiler = false
YoutubeDLPath = ""
EnableDebugConsole = false
UploadLimit = 83886080
RunAsUser = 0
RunAsGroup = 0
InstanceActionLimit = 6
UseSSL = false
SSLKeyFile = ""
SSLCertFile = ""
Hostname = ""
SampleInterval = 60
StartVNC = false
EnableWebStream = false
LogFile = ""
LicenseKey = "HiYLFB9d0OoyP/spfbO6td4VBMHAIe26+ZQU2X/vkH8="
IsProxied = false
DenyStreamURLs = []
Pragma = 0

BufferSize = 524288
MaxDownloadSize = 419430400
MaxDownloadRate = 104857600
CacheStreamed = false

AvatarMaxWidth = 0
AvatarMaxHeight = 0


AllowReload = false
EnableTimer = false

Default = ""

Enable = false

UserAgent = "SinusBot (0.9.15-4ff41c0)"

Enable = false

Delay = 0
Debug = false
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