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  1. S

    Recommend a good VPS for SinusBot

    Hi guys can you please recommend me a VPS for sinusbot, I've got one but I got problems with sound, because they did not support sound. Linux is not a problem for me. Thx in advance.
  2. TheSebaPL

    I have a problem

    Becouse send me: 2019-07-24T11:41:38+02:00 TS>/opt/sinusbot/teamspeak3-client/ts3client_linux_amd64: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory and I do not know why the ts server I do not have on this VPS because I could not...
  3. Viirless

    Eigenes Sinusbot Webinterface machen

    Kann mir jemand ein SinusBot Webinterface machen oder mir dabei helfen? Ich würde gerne ein Musik-Bot hosting eröffnen möchte aber nicht das normale SinusBot Webinterface benutzen. Brauche dringen hilfe.
  4. Maasaki

    Solved I can not have token for the WebStream

    Hi, I come here to ask for your help because I can not get the webstream token. I try to do a Sinusbot diagnostic script and he tells me that all is well. Sinusbot and install on a VPS that is under debian 9 URL I use...
  5. T

    Support++ Error

    2019-07-06T20:48:12+02:00 error on setInterval callback: Uncaught exception: Error: Panic during callback "getKeys": invalid isolate at Support:2657:14 store.getKeys().forEach(function (key) { ^ Stack trace: Error: Panic during callback "getKeys": invalid isolate at Support:2657:15
  6. S

    Solved Error while streaming music

    Hey, i always get the same error when I want to play an online-Stream via Sinusbot: Stream-Link: http://stream01.ilovemusic.de/iloveradio108.mp3 Error: Error The provided URL could not be recognized as a valid stream. Sorry. I add it via ADD URL Thanks for every help in advance!
  7. M

    EN Search Script to count Servergroups

    GERMAN: Hallo Zusammen, ich suche ein Script, welches Servergruppen zählt und in die Beschreibung in ein Channel schreibt mit Formatierung. Dazu die Möglichkeit es auf eine Art und Weise zu unterteilen (mit Leerzeile oder Zeile mit Sonderzeichen, sodass man Servergruppen gruppieren kann, um...
  8. FoxXxHater

    Solved Text to Speach

    Hallo Community, ich habe mal eine Frage, und zwar kann mir jemand helfen wie TTS geht? Meine Settings: http://prntscr.com/mybf9p Ich benutze den SinusBot für Discord... Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  9. FoxXxHater

    Mein Bot Akzeptiert keine Scripts || My Bot dont load any Scripts

    --DEUTSCH-- Hallo alle zusammen, ich habe leider ein kleines Problem... und zwar wenn ich irgend ein Script installiere oder herunterlade, zeigt der Bot dieses Script NICHT im Reiter Scripts an, im Dashboard. Da ist es egal ob ich es extern installiere oder direkt im Dashboard... das ein...
  10. G

    EN getChannelGroup dont update

    Hello, I have the problem that in the following code the channel group is set only once. If you want to check the updated group again, the old value still exists. When the bot or the bot reconnects it will be updated and the code will do what it should do but after that you have to reconnect...
  11. smartmimo

    EN !help command duplicated message

    Hello guys, I created a simple script that basically stands by waiting for someone to type !help then sending a custom message, but the problem I'm encountring is that it first sends the default "Hello, I'm the SinusBot. At your service." then my desired message. How can I prevent the bot from...
  12. peco65814

    Can Someone Help me Pls

    My bot can't connect to a server Here's the log 2018-08-09T20:44:55-05:00 TSClient quit. 2018-08-09T20:44:54-05:00 New connection status 0; Error 0 2018-08-09T20:44:54-05:00 The bot could not connect. This might have several reasons: the server doesn't exist at that address, the server password...
  13. Ephiria

    Solved How to add this radio station?

    Hii guys, Can anyone help me to add this radio station: https://live.slam.nl/slam-nonstop to my bot?
  14. N

    Cant install TS3 in SinusBot

    So I tried the automatic installation, and the manual, but I cant install TS3 to sinusbot with neither.
  15. Keinchi

    i don't understand how to increase my bot security level

    in this site >>> https://wiki.sinusbot.com/en:guides:installation:increase_security_level i didn't understand this ... i want to increase my bot level but idon't know how ! help me please guys , thanks <3
  16. N

    Sinusbot Not Starting

    So today i restarted my sinusbot, and when i wanted to start it, it won't start. It shows up for a second in task manager, but after that is closes automatically. I tried to add it to the firewall, or run as administrator, but it still won't start what so ever.
  17. N

    Whenever I install a script I get this message.

    So guys, yesterday I created a TS3 server, it was very cool n stuff. But when I wanted install 3rd scripts, i couldn't. This is the error message i get on every 3rd script. Its the "failed" bit. Thanks for help guys, i really want to install that script.
  18. Daddy_Ahex

    Solved Bot is not connecting to my teamspeak server.

    The bot is not connecting to my teamspeak server. I already reinstalled / deleted all files and it's still not working. Can someone who got some experience tell me what the problem is? Down here is the "Instanz-Log": Thanks for helping me out! :)
  19. Jakub Vel

    Website panel

    I want to music.skycitycz.com point to my panel ip and port 8087 so if user go to music.skycitycz.com he will see the sinusbot panel... I have cpanel and im managing records using cloudflare
  20. S

    Error: Bot doesn't join on server

    I installed the bot last week. On the first day, the bot joined my TS³ Server, but both Bots were muted and without sound. After that I restarted the Sinusbot. Now they don't join any more on my Server. Here is my LogFile (level 10): 2018/03/30 13:34:02 06e226d6 e712eba9 DEBUG Could not insert...