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CentOS 6 Install Guide

Discussion in 'HowTos' started by Gothic, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. AmellRa92

    AmellRa92 Member

    TSClinet Out
  2. navid111

    navid111 Member

    For Xinit disply Errors Fix Can Do it now

    vi /etc/inittab

    And reboot
  3. ColbyR

    ColbyR Member

    I using CentOS 7 latest.
    Ihave followed all the instructions and my bot is running, youtube-dl is adding video playerlist and all, but My bot is not putting out any sound at all, it shows in the wecontrolpanel that its playing the music, but its not putting out any audio on teamspeak, discord or webpage
    Please help?

    SinusBot 0.9.18-8499d2c

    2017-05-18T16:03:54-05:00 voice handler returned with: write udp operation not permitted
    2017-05-18T16:03:54-05:00 vconn: {"op":8,"d":{"heartbeat_interval":55000},"s":0,"t":""}
    2017-05-18T16:03:54-05:00 got voice server information, let's connect
    2017-05-18T16:03:54-05:00 client now online
    2017-05-18T16:03:54-05:00 got our sessionID
    2017-05-18T16:03:53-05:00 starting voice connection
    2017-05-18T16:03:53-05:00 identifying to discord
    2017-05-18T16:03:53-05:00 hello: {"op":10,"d":{"heartbeat_interval":41250,"_trace":["discord-gateway-prd-1-12"]},"s":0,"t":""}
    2017-05-18T16:03:53-05:00 Discord bot account valid (id: 296640324753948675, name: CM Radio)

    I also cant get any of my plugins to show up on plugins page, I have many in the plugins folder but they just do not show up on the plugins page.
    There is more data above the voice handler error but its all standard details like youtube tracks being played an all that, I only posted anything out of the ordinary and this is it and all together.
  4. ColbyR

    ColbyR Member

    I had to go into my VPS Hosting controlpanel and add discord UDP ports and the 443 port and allow the range 45000:60000 for UDP
  5. ColbyR

    ColbyR Member

    Were do I put the start script?
    I saved it on my pc as sinusbot
    No what directory do I put it, and anything else do I need to do?

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