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Feature Channel permissions

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This is a simple (or maybe not :)) feature request for the sinusbot api (scripting).

With the given functions:
channelCreate(params channelParams) bool
channelUpdate(channelId int, params channelParams) bool

you cannot set any of those rights:
  • i_client_needed_talk_power
  • i_channel_needed_join_power
  • i_channel_needed_subscribe_power
  • i_channel_needed_description_view_power
  • i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power
  • i_channel_needed_delete_power
  • i_channel_needed_modify_power

or one of the file-system from TS3:
  • i_ft_needed_file_upload_power
  • i_ft_needed_file_download_power
  • i_ft_needed_file_delete_power
  • i_ft_needed_file_rename_power
  • i_ft_needed_file_browse_power
  • i_ft_needed_directory_create_power
Hope this isn't to much work to implement this into the api, so we'll be able to use those features.
set these via the server group the bot has? so any channel created by the bot follows those permissions?
I don't mean the permisssion of the single client or the groups. What I meant was the permission a channel has: e.g. the channel has a needed talk power of 30, which must be defined by the user curently, because the bot cannot access those variables.


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That are all permissions. You are not able to set any permissions for something yet with the scripting engine and this has not a high priority, sorry ;)
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