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  1. Rikku

    EN [Request] Group after X Connection with Question to a Staff Member

    Hallo liebe Sinusbot Community, Ich brauche ein Script, dass nach ein paar Verbindungen auf den TeamSpeak Leuten eine Server-Gruppe zuweist, in dem Moment wo der User einige Verbindungen also Total Connections erreicht hat, soll der Bot denjenigen anschreiben und ihn fragen, ob er die...
  2. D

    [REQUEST] Channel Gruppen zeitgleich mit Rang vergeben

    Heey. ich glaube nicht, dass man es an der Überschrift gut erkennen kann aber es geht um Folgendes: Unzwar ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Script der folgendes Tut: Wenn ich dem User "User1" die Server Gruppe "Test1" gebe, dann soll er in den Channels "Channel1" "Channel2" usw. dann die...
  3. CubE135

    Solved Sinusbot von "außen" bedienen

    Hallo, ist es irgendwie möglich den Sinusbot von z.B. einer externen Webseite zu bedienen. Ich dachte da an irgendwelche POST Requests oder so über die ich z.B. Musik starten, anhalten skippen etc. kann. Wäre das möglich? MfG CubE135
  4. Krzyzak

    EN [Request] Add a servergroup only if a user is already in a admin group

    Hello, request A plugin that will only allow the user to add a servergroup if it has an admin servergroup e.g. I can add a servergroup to a user with servergroupID 20, but i cannot add the servergroup to a user with no servergroups.
  5. Ukaros

    EN [Request] [Done] Newsletter/Broadcast script

    Hey there. I'm looking for a simple newsletter script. I imagine it like this: Users can subscribe with a command (lets say !sub). Now they are either added to a servergroup or stored somewhere internally. An admin can now group-poke/group-message all subscribed users. If there is already a...
  6. darkstream


    Who can make a script which will play the setted music in setted time or every x time For example: Play Lil Pump - Gucci Gang every 2 hours if it is playing, script could replay it. I will be very glad to have this wonderfull script
  7. Dimarzio

    EN [Request] Spam|Flood Control

    Hello, I got a basic idea for a script maybe will be useful for big servers for example in my case i have a Teamspeak Server with 200 users daily, so all users sometimes make a bit of spam or flood in the Global Chat, If you Admin guys like the order in your servers like me you will understand...
  8. Relentless

    EN [Request] Add servergroup when being a member of a steam group (also DE translated)

    EN: Hello there Sinusbot-Community, it's quite a long time ago since I used sinusbot and I see that this community spent a lot of work on scripting which makes me really happy. I am still missing a script I would love to have for my new TeamSpeak server. Important is that this script should run...
  9. Jonathan Ende

    DE [REQUEST] script umschreiben

    Hallo, kann mir jemand das Script "Now Playing" umschreiben? Seit der neuen ScriptingEngine funktioniert es nicht mehr, der Entwickler scheint inaktiv zu sein. Ich würde mich freuen :-) Mfg Jonathan
  10. felixgrundmann

    Feature Hochgelade Musik downloaden

    Guten Tag! Wenn man Musik zB. mit YT-DL auf den Sinusbot hochlädt, dann wird ja die Audio-/VideoDatei konvertiert. Die Idee: Es wäre ein cooles Feature, wenn man die Musik als Audiodateien (mp3/...) von Sinusbot auf seinen PC downloaden könnte bzw. die Musik vor/nach dem Download...
  11. Z

    EN [REQUEST] !skyrock radio

    [EN] Hello everybody! I would have wanted to know if somebody of you would be kind enough to make me a script for! Skyrock and that this throws the radio skyrock (URL: http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k) It would replace !stream http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k by !Skyrock...
  12. A

    Feature Channel permissions

    This is a simple (or maybe not :)) feature request for the sinusbot api (scripting). With the given functions: channelCreate(params channelParams) bool channelUpdate(channelId int, params channelParams) bool you cannot set any of those rights: i_client_needed_talk_power...
  13. O

    EN [Request] Poke everyone with specific Servergroup periodically

    Hey Guys, Im sorry for this dumb Question, but could anyone develop me a small script, where you can set a Servergroup & an interval in that everyone with that group gets poked ? It should be very simple, but i dont have enough time to learn the needed JavaScript :( Well, Thank you in advance...
  14. bramble2610

    Feature Stopping users spam commands

    Operating System: Windows SinusBot Version: 0.9.15 TS3 Version: Hello, Recently I have been using a SinusBot instance to supply music for other in my TeamSpeak obviously. However, it is very easy for them to spam a request via the TeamSpeak chat to the bot making the CPU spike to 100%...
  15. Hansel

    EN [REQUEST] New user must ask for permission to move/talk before get out of a 'jail-channel'

    Hello, This is idea. It would be cool if a new user on my ts server is moved to a channel(some kind of jail) and has a group on connect so he cant move/talk. He would get a message from the bot with something like this: You are new on the server, 'to get access type:!acc'. If the bot gets the...
  16. DCha0tiC

    EN [Request] Add to Channel Description

    Hello Everyone! I come here to humbly ask for anyone that knows well JavaScript, to help me create a simple Tibia Script. I'm very beginner coding JS, so i hope i can get any help here :) The ideia consist on: 1. The Admin on the WebInterface will choose a channel to create a list on the...
  17. P

    EN [Request] Come here!

    (English) Hello everbody, As you see above, it's a request so I'm gonna present you my idea. Some of my Teamspeakmembers have rights to use the bot (ex. play music and other stuff), but the problem is, they can't move it. So my request was, that if you wright '[Prefix, ex.]!here' in the...
  18. E


    Hallo, ich habe mal einige Scripts getestet und habe nun ein Problem. Die Scripts Digital Clock und Euro Cup Channel Ticker geben immer wieder folgenden Fehler aus: Could not request updateChannelHTTP returned an error: Error; Code: 500; Message: Error Google konnte mir nicht helfen, finde...
  19. PeteOdeath

    EN Request: Last seen on server script

    If possible a !seen command would be useful to show when a person was last connected to the server. Similar to many irc scripts.
  20. GameRaiderLP

    Request * Autoreconnect

    Wunsch: Auto-Reconnect in Instanz-Einstellungen Grund: Wie es schon im Namen verrät sollte es eine AutoReconnect funktion in den Instanz-Einstellungen geben, da der bot das ein oder andere mal nicht am Ts ist, aus welchem Grund auch immer.