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HTTP API - Add Job returning error code 406 despite completing the job


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Hi there,
I've been messing around the the HTTP API but encountered an issue with the API request described in the Documentation as Upload_and_Download-addJob

After sending the POST request to api/v1/bot/jobs, SinusBot downloads the requested link and completes the job, but the POST request returns HTTP error code 406.

In the image below, you can see me doing the Post request on the left (line 190) and in the bottom left corner you can see the error response.
On the right half of the screen you can see the Bot-Log noting that a job has been added and that it's being downloaded with youtube-dl.
sinusbot request 406.png

Here's the downloaded song in the music overview
sinusbot success playlist.png

And here it is in the jobs overview
sinusbot success jobs.png

I have tried on the Beta "0.14.3-0e747fd" aswell as on the Alpha "1.0.0-alpha.6-a47ac17".
Other GET and POST requests are also working, just not this one.
Arch Linux Server Specs:
sinusbot archlinux neofetch.png
Youtube-DL version:
SinusBot TeamSpeak Client: 3.2.3 from 01 Oct 2018 (this is what it says in the CHANGELOG in the TeamSpeak Client folder)
TeamSpeak Server Version: 3.5.1 (not mine)
SinusBot Bot Log with Loglevel 10:
sinusbot bot log loglevel 10.png

Since this is my first post I hope I'm not missing anything relevant
Thanks in advance!


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is awesome!
This problem is from a old bot version. Update and create a new thread if the problem still exists.