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  1. H

    HTTP API - Add Job returning error code 406 despite completing the job

    Hi there, I've been messing around the the HTTP API but encountered an issue with the API request described in the Documentation as Upload_and_Download-addJob After sending the POST request to api/v1/bot/jobs, SinusBot downloads the requested link and completes the job, but the POST request...
  2. vincolus

    DE Nutzung des Sinusbot Web-API Audio Stream / usage of sinusbot web-api audio stream

    Ich weiß, dass das früher mal geklappt hat, aber nun bekomme ich immer einen Fehler 401, wenn ich versuche, auf den OGG-Opus-Enkodierten Audio-Stream mittels Web-API zuzugreifen. Ich versuche es folgendermaßen: 1.) Ich hole mir einen Token für den Webstream wie hier beschrieben...
  3. Nisutec

    Channel Commander & Talk Power

    Hallo, Es wäre toll wenn man bei der Api noch hinzufügen könnte, das man Leuten Channel Commander geben kann, und abfragen kann wer alles Channel Commander hat. Es wäre auch gut wenn man die Möglichkeit hätte Leuten talkpower zu geben in einem Channel wo man nicht reden kann, und eine abfrage...
  4. Bayern LP

    warum verlässt mein Bot den server Sofort?

    Hey, Ich habe ein anderes TeamSpeak template und meine bots conecten aber verlassen gleich wieder, was soll ich machen? Hier der Server Log: https://pastebin.com/dg5HT23a
  5. mxschmitt

    SinusBot PHP Library 1.1.0

    SinusBot API PHP Class PHP Wrapper to communicate with the SinusBot API. Usage via Composer composer require sinusbot/sinusbot-api-php Require the composer's autoload.php in the top of your php file: require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; Then you can use the SinusBot API via the...
  6. A

    EN Sinusbot API Java Wrapper

    Hi, here is a wrapper for Sinusbot API for your Java projects. Let me know about issues on Github. Enjoy!
  7. I

    Solved [Scripting/HTTP API] Getting YouTube URL of a cached video.

    SinusBot Version: 0.14.0-be7bbc4 OS: Linux Unbuntu 16.04.4 Hello, Was hoping if anyone could shine some light on an issue I've been having with both APIs. When obtaining track info through either the scripting or HTTP API, it's possible to get the URL of a YouTube video using the following...
  8. T

    EN Request for a RainBow Six Siege API for TS3

    HI guys, i want know if u can make a script to work with the rainbow six siege api for all users on teamspeak3. I know that's working on discord with this plugin https://bots.discord.pw/bots/264193410141913088 but i never see this feature in teamspeak3. You have here the web page to do it...
  9. H

    API Login problem

    I have a login php api. The api will get a bot id from /api/v1/botid and it will log into the bot by sending POST requests that have “username” “password” “botid” All POST data send in JSON I tested on sinusbot that running on same host ( ) it’s can login. But I go tested on...
  10. DesertFade

    No Radios

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.11.0 (newest) TS3 Version: 3.1.6 (client) and (server) Problem Description There are simple no radio programs. If i go to the Radio-Tab, i only get the text "Nothing found." YTDownloader and playing music does work normally, so i dont think...
  11. mattheoperelle

    EN Way to stop SFX sound ?

    Hello, I'm working on a phone soundboard application for sinusbot and I want to find a way to stop SFX sound, without stopping the main music. With Sinusbot REST API or Sinusbot Scripting API, it's not really important. Is this possible ? Kind regards, Matthéo PERELLE.
  12. D. Shukla

    API not working

    Operating System: Windows SinusBot Version: Latest TS3 Version: 3.0.9 Problem Description Basically, I'm trying to setup an API for the TTS - When I do that I get this screen when attempting to run it through postman is there something I'm doing wrong? It's not even showing the login...
  13. R

    EN ECMAScript Standard

    Hello, I am currently trying to write a script and I noticed that the engine doesn't support "let" variable declarations, "Template Literals" and some other ECMAScript 6/7 features. So I wanted to know which ES version is currently supported and if ES6/7 will be supported in the future ...
  14. Dooley_labs

    Hide API login requests

    How would I be able to prevent the bot from logging every query sent from my webstream? I know the Sinusbot panel is capable and appears to achieve this, however I am unable to replicate this. Below is my current code. I'm looking to suppress the following: 2017-08-01T00:48:28-05:00 LOGIN [bot]...
  15. Dooley_labs

    Solved API artist not sent

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.21-87a90ce TS3 Version: Problem Description I'm using the API to output the artist of a song to my webpage, however, it does not work anymore. It works with streams from the radio menu, though. Seems like it may be a bug. Below is the code...
  16. Dotty

    EN [SOLVED][API] add url and download

    Hi, I'm writing a script that given a Youtube url get the mp3 file (this part il done, I have an api pointing to the mp3 file url given the Youtube link) and here is my problem: I want sinusbot to download this file and add it to the list. But this api end-point...
  17. Zalati

    EN Github Discord Bot

    Is it possible to run this bot with Sinusbot ? https://github.com/Nabrok/gw2-discord-bot Or we need to make an adaption of it ?
  18. VerHext

    TS3 Support++ 2.5.1 - fix

    Support++ works only on the Sinusbot version 1.0.0. We don't support a other Version! Webseite: https://support-pp.de Status? https://status.support-pp.de/ 1. What can Support++? - notification for supporter if any user join the support channel - ticketsystem - feedback system - themen...
  19. Dorfbewohner3000

    Sinusbot API doesn't login

    every time I try to log in with my Sinusbot with the API but it doesn't work If you are not German you can ignore this: Immer wenn ich versuche mich mit der Sinusbot API in den Bot einzuloggen kommt ein Error
  20. Dorfbewohner3000

    Where can I see my bot id?

    Hay Where can I see my Bot ID for the sinus bot API? Thank you for your answers