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Solved Youtube-DL slow download fix.


Hello there,

I have used sinusbot for years on several servers. (linux and windows based)

From time to time, I had very strange behavior when using the bot together with 'youtube-dl'.

A view days ago, it happend again, my youtube-dl was not working correctly.
It did cut off longer videos at the end, and the download rate was extremely slow.
I am talking about very long videos, like 10h mixes.

I was able to fix this in the past, by messing around with this config.ini options in the YoutubeDL section:


But not this time, i tried several things, but nothing i did, fixed it.

Then I found a youtube-dl fork called 'yt-dlp' I installed it just like the normal script and changed the path in the config.ini.

The fork seems to work fine with sinusbot, no problems so far.

To be fair, it only run for 3 days, but I am confident. :)

I wanted to share this, maybe it will save someone from going mad by messing with youtube-dl. 😉


Well-Known Member
Using the fork "yt-dlp" instead of "yt-dl" has been around for quite some time now. See here and here for example.

But as "yt-dlp" is not officially supported by SinusBot, you will not get any support for it when you've got problems. This is just a workaround as the "yt-dl" has stopped working correctly.