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Animated Nickname

Animated Nickname 1.6

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This is a quick update that is needed to let the script be compatible with future versions of SinusBot.

  • Updated script in order to be compatible with latest scripting API
As the title says, whit this update the script is using the new Scripting API. SinusBot 0.9.16 or greater version needed.

  • Updated the code to fit new Scripting API
  • Added engine >= 0.9.16 requirement
Heyo, the possibility to manage the configuration of the script via TS3 is a cool thing, isn't that? Well, with this update you can have it!

  • Added "!animated mode [nickname/description/both]" command
  • Added "!animated delay [int]" command
  • Small reformat of the code
With this update i just decreased the delay time limit to have a better animation-effect on the nickname/description (decrease it at your own risk).

  • Decreased the min. delay time limit to 100ms
  • Small reformat of the code
  • Fixed a typo
Added the possibility to have both animated nick and animated description, this will be useful for cool people that loves spam in the ts3 console ;).

  • Added nick/desc/both(nick+desc) mode switch in the config
  • Added some debug infos on enabling/disabling script by command
Well, have an animated nickname causes a huge spam in the TS3 server chat/log.
So, it is time to add animated description :).

  • Added nick/desc mode switch in the config
  • Added animated description (101% less spam in the chat)