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  1. ColuiCheScorta

    TS3 Among Us Script 2.0

    ### English ### Hi, this script is designed for the game Among Us. Features: Change the room with the talk power at will; Customize the script to your liking: change the command prefix; modify the command; change the variables of when you start the game or when you finish; Check the game...
  2. D

    EN welcome sound script with random sounds

    Hi everyone. sorry for my poorly written english but i would have a question. I currently have the welcome sound script that plays a sound when a user enters the server. I would like to ask if there is any way to add more sounds for the "welcome" script and when a user enters one of the loaded...
  3. devdanetra

    TS3 Anti Admin Abuse [AAA Script] 1.2.0

    This script simply sets a limit to bans , kicks and channel deletes in a specified time. Version 1.2.0 is the working one. If someone goes over that limits , all the server group are going to be removed to him and he gets banned for given time and reason . Tip for the configuration : Time is...
  4. devdanetra

    TS3 FACEIT [CS:GO] Script 1.0

    FACEIT tracker for your TS3 server - Automatically gives faceit cs:go level to your users. !faceit setuser <faceitusername> (Links your faceit account to your ts3 account)!!CASE SENSITIVE!! !faceit unsetuser (Unlinks the account) !faceit me (Shows you basic statistics) !faceit track (Starts...
  5. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed 1.3.5

    Provides a live feed about COVID-19 state. Commands : !coronavirus (global statistics) !coronavirus <countryname> (Country based statistics) !coronavirus map !coronavirus help (shows this simple info) Global statistics tracker : You can choose to track info (global and country based) on...
  6. Frizzant

    EN API V1 not working?

    So I want to experiment a bit more with other options, and make a script page in the backend for one of my scripts. Now if i visit http://myurl.com:8087/api/v1/bot/info I don't see that the API is working (chrome default broken page error). The normal login through http://myurl.com:8087 works...
  7. Costeel

    No funcionan los comandos en TS3

    No me funcionan los comandos de ts3 como por ejemplo. (Volume, Say, Next, Stop) Solo me funciona el !yt del script
  8. Frizzant

    EN TS3 lol-rankify script - Wishlist | Wunschliste

    Wishlist | Wunschliste EN 🌎: I am open for wishes for the league-of-legends-rankify (link) script, and will possibly mention them. You'll get added in the credits if I implement your idea. What do you wish for? What do you need? DE 🇩🇪: Für das league-of-legends-rankify (link) script nehme...
  9. B

    Solved Scripts wont load - page freeze/crash

    Hello! I am submitting this report because i can't open "scripts" page in my sinusbot! I always had a really good time using this bot but since 2 days ago i can't do anything. Bot does spawn correctly but scripts not working. Tried with a fresh new installation (with no scripts in the folder but...
  10. S

    Solved Ein Script erstellen ! Nur wie mache ich das ?

    Sehr geehrte Leser und Leserinnen, Ich habe einen Sinus-Bot auf einem Server und würde diesen gerne so+ einstellen: User X schreibt Command und der Bot gibt eine Antwort! z.B Der Spieler schreibt den Bot !help und der Bot schreibt: Hilfe kannst du per E-Mail oder im TeamSpeak erhalten. Wie...
  11. HerrSammy

    TS3 Auto Server Group add on join 1.2

    Auto Server Group add on join ------------------------------------------- Features: Set the server group to be set when joining the server. You can add certain groups to be ignored. (You can enter multiple IDs, just separate them with a ","!) -------------------------------------------...
  12. R

    Automatische Nachrichten an Servergruppen per command

    Hallo Leute, ich bin mir fast sicher das eine solche Frage bereits gestellt wurde. Ich habe nun aber lange gesucht und rumprobiert und bekomme es einfach nicht hin. Vielleicht kann mir ein netter Nutzer ja helfen. Ich habe aktuell einen Sinusbot über einen V-Host (Microsoft Server 2016) am...
  13. mmoeller

    DE Channel-Beschreibung ändern

    Hallo zusammen✌ Kann mir einer ein Script empfelen oder schreiben, welches auf einen Befehl eine Channel-Beschreibung in eine festgelegte umändert? Bsp: Eingabe:"!supportoffen" = Channel-Beschreibung:"Support hat geöffnet!" Eingabe:"!supportzu" = Channel-Beschreibung:"Support hat...
  14. G

    EN DE/EN Kick non-whitelistet Clients from Channel?

    Hello Sinusbot-Community, I wanted to ask if there is any script wich kicks a User out of a private Channel, who is not whitelisted somewhere in the script. If there is a script, please post under this thread where I can download or install it. Because the TeamSpeak-Server is not my own, it is...
  15. Djneubs

    Using !qyt and rearranging queue

    I am the team speak administrator for a large gaming community of well over 1,000 members. I recently implemented the sinus bot and it's a hit. We usually have at least 10 or 15 people in that channel and currently. We've maxed out at 85 so far since implementing. we usually just let her...
  16. Krzyzak

    EN [Request] Add a servergroup only if a user is already in a admin group

    Hello, request A plugin that will only allow the user to add a servergroup if it has an admin servergroup e.g. I can add a servergroup to a user with servergroupID 20, but i cannot add the servergroup to a user with no servergroups.
  17. RickyMartin

    Audio Seeking Broken

    The audio.seek method still seems to be broken. I'm using the following code: event.on('chat', function (ev) { if (ev.text == "!seek") { audio.seek(200); } } It skips ahead in the web UI but it just replays the track from the beginning whether i'm streaming the file or playing a...
  18. I

    EN Chat message "reader"

    Hi, im looking for a bot script who when you type in che channel room the bot read (speak) it Can anyone help me?
  19. M

    EN Search Script to count Servergroups

    GERMAN: Hallo Zusammen, ich suche ein Script, welches Servergruppen zählt und in die Beschreibung in ein Channel schreibt mit Formatierung. Dazu die Möglichkeit es auf eine Art und Weise zu unterteilen (mit Leerzeile oder Zeile mit Sonderzeichen, sodass man Servergruppen gruppieren kann, um...
  20. C

    The bot does not update the channel on startup

    So I have been using a clock script (Digital Clock version 1.8), and the bot does not update the clock automatically, I got to reload the script manually every single startup. Please fix.