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Bad Nickname Check

TS3 Bad Nickname Check 1.2.3

No permission to download
Strict config parsing for config.action which made the bot always to kick the offending user
Unzip the zip file and upload the content to your sinusbot scripts folder
Likes: Tyloendis
Code Optimizations and removed Initialization Timeout

Thanks for Tütchen for Testing <3
Now you can create custom Rules for each Bad Nickname this would look like this

/T[e3][a4]m[S52]p[e3][a4]kU[s52][e3]r/i -> Sorry no default Nickname allowed :(
/[B8][a4]dN[i1]ckn[a4]m[e3]/i -> Custom Message
The first and the last entry will have a Custom Message the second will use the Default Message you can enter in the Configuration