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TS3 Extension Store for SConomy NG 1.1

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Relies on SConomy NG.

This plugin adds an extended store to SConomy NG (1.1).

Place the script into sinusbot script folder and restart the bot. After that, you can configure it like every script (in the web interface).

Note: the SConomy NG script has to use the public storage provider.

- Create gift codes
- Create text items for the store (same as group store from SConomy NG) [for paysafecard, maybe?]
- Set a limited number of gift codes / text items
- Fully customizable (including messages)
- Possibility to disable the store or the gift codes (or both... but, what for?)

Default commands:
- !gift <gift code>
=> Use the gift code (Note: one gift / user)
- !textstore
=> Show the extended text store
- !textbuy <ID>
=> Buy a text item

Admin only commands:
- !giftlist
=> Show the full list of the gift codes
- !giftcreation <code-without-space> <reward-amount> <quantity [-1 = unlimited]>
=> Create a new gift code
- !giftdeletion <code-without-space>
=> Removes the gift code
- !textcreation <name-without-spaces> <quantity [-1 = unlimited]> "<text to be sold, between quotes>"
=> Create a new text item in the text store
- !textdeletion <ID>
=> Removes the text item from the store

Needed permissions:
i_client_private_textmessage_power (for communication).
b_channel_modify_description (for store history).
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