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  • If you want to test the new SinusBot for Windows that is compatible with TS version 3.1 & the current Discord version, please use this version.

Jail 1.2.3

No permission to download
Only Bugfixxes
Better Config Validation
This is a complete rewrite
Main new Feature is the ServerGroup being added to the Client
You can now unjail Users by sending a Namepart
eg: username is "Sinusbot" so you can unjail him with "!unjail Sinusb"

IMPORTANT: THE FUNCTION "Jail User if he gets added manually to the Jail Server Group?" WILL BE COMPATBILE WITH A FUTURE RELEASE OF SINUSBOT!

Commands have changed!
To get a list of jailed Users you can use "!jail"
+ You can now set Server Groups which are not jailable!
* !jail Command can now search after a Name
* Msg Intervall for Jailed Clients can now be custom set or turned completly off
* Release Time gets displayed as "Release in x Days x Hours x Minutes x Seconds" instead of "Release in x Seconds"
* Time Identifications in Singular and ignores case sensitive
* Clients should be released in the Right Second (not in 10 Second intervall)

You can write me a PM or Post it in the Forum if you find any Bugs