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TS3 Now Playing [Cleans bad tags] [Custom display formats] [TTS announce] 0.62

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Also accidentally entered a number at the start of the file...
(Yes, really)

Tested on 0.11.0 but as far as I know, should work on anything running the new API.

Sorry for the long wait!

On another note, if anyone has a GitHub account, you can open up issues that are much harder for me to miss here, on my repo!
As mentioned a looong time ago, now the plugin properly manages song stop events. Also tried the new scripting API (whooo ECMA v5!).

I'm currently working on a queue display plugin to complement this one.

E.g., with my Now Playing channels above:

♫ Beat It ♫
Micheal Jackson

1. Alchemy by A&B
2. ---
3. ---
Can now update the bot's nickname to Title by Artist, turned off by default.

Nicknames are limited to shorter than 30 characters, so there's not all that much you can fit into it! The script of course truncates as necessary.

Squashed a bug where stream title/artists would be ignored, now fixed.
Most youtube music videos are in one of the following formats:

  • Wilkinson - Half Light ft. Tom
  • Metallica "Fade To Black"
  • Knife Party '404'

The YouTube channel name is usually never related to the song. In the first example, Half Light, by Wilkinson, was uploaded by WilkinsonVEVO.

Channel names are very limited (no spaces, special characters, very short length, etc.) and this means even if you could guarantee that every video was from VEVO, you'd still get bad names.

NowPlaying v0.3 is now smart enough to realise this and match tags accordingly. If the tag isn't in the format above, it is forced to assume the entire video title is the song title - the only way to fix this would be to lookup track information on a database (like musicbrainz.org) and is pretty unnecessary.


I am currently working on a queue display - this will show the queued songs and parse them in the same way that NowPlaying currently does.

For example, if you queued 5 songs, and you set the max. queue display to 4, the next 4 songs would be displayed as channels:

* 1 * Wilkinson - Half Light ft. Tom
* 2 * Metallica - Fade To Black
* 3 * Knife Party - 404

As the queue moved on, the display would update as necessary.
The trackEnd event is not suitable for indicating when playback has ended. A stop event would make far sense for this case.