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TS3 Now Playing [Cleans bad tags] [Custom display formats] [TTS announce] 0.62

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Good plugin. Nice cleanup technic. But a nick-setback option for the Nickname if the Bot isnt playing anything is missing. Atm the nickname stays the last songname. So please implement an option where I can set a standard Nickname (e.g. "Funkybot") and if the bot isnt playing anything for 20sec or so it turns back to "Funkybot" instead of "Song A by Artist B" until I start the next song.
I realy like this plugin!
This is the only plugin where I can name my Channel in a FANCY way! :)
I only got one "complaint"/featurewish that may not be that hard to implement (?) since it's already there for the artist: Define a Channelname for when no music is playing for the Title Channel. Maybe I am doing something wrong but it didn't always work perfectly fine for me in the beginning :)
...and 4 months later I actually bother to fix this! v0.5 should solve this problem (currently pending review)
I like this script