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  • If you want to test the new SinusBot for Windows that is compatible with TS version 3.1 & the current Discord version, please use this version.
!register Notificator

!register Notificator 0.1

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This script lets ou know if someone has registerd for your Sinusbot.
If someone registerd for your Sinusbot (using the !register 'username' command) the bot will instantly
write you a message via private chat if you´re online. If you were offline, the bot will write you a message when you join the server the next time.

With this script, you don´t need to open your webinterface everytime you want to know if some new has registered.


Here is what you can change via Sinusbot Webinterface

  • The Client with the following UID should get noticed when someone just registered himself:
=> default: "none"
  • Message, the Admin gets when someone has just registered himslef.
=> default: "A user has just registered himself."
  • Message, the Admin gets when someone has registered himslef and he was not online at this time.
=> default: "A user registered himself when you was offline! check it out."

Always open for ideas! Just learning!
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