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Steam User Query

Steam User Query 1.4

No permission to download
Sehr gut!
Great script and finally working!
One thing: steam is after update and looking for trade/play and snooze are not supported anymore I think:)
Now it works, ty for update
Thanks for Update, now it works again. :)
It was a very nice script, but it doesn't work anymore. Maybe it doesn't work bc i updated to sinusbot alpha.
I already tried to renew the api key.

This is what i get:

2019-05-12T20:41:37+02:00 error on callback func: Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'http' of undefined at SteamUserQuery:230:21 sinusbot.http({ ^ Stack trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'http' of undefined at queryData (SteamUserQuery:230:22) at update (SteamUserQuery:225:17) at main (SteamUserQuery:446:9) at SteamUserQuery:199:9
Script not working thks for making this script.

No for real, what they did to the API for screwing-up the script?
All API Keys got removed i guess - after issuing a new one it worked again for me
Great script! Would be nice if you could choose to just append the Steam status to the existing description and use BB codes for the description like [b]Steam: [color=green]online[color][/b]
Working perfect!
This Script work perfectly :D Big THX
Hat meine Regquest perfekt umgesetzt und einen guten Script daraus gemacht!
It's great!