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  1. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Steam Status 0.2

    This script is no longer maintained/supported. It may or may not work. Steam Status Shows Steam status of configured Steam users in specified channel name Idea: @tommiczek Author: @DrWarpMan Additional information: Script uses Steam Web API to look up the current status of a specified Steam...
  2. J

    TS3 Twitch Live Checker 1.2.0

    Twitch Live Checker Description Ever had this problem: You were streaming, and forgot to display this somehow, like setting your nick to [LIVE] your nick or something? A user comes in and starts talking to you, and he somehow lets some words slip he shouldn't say? Well, I had... :D So with this...
  3. Kamikaze

    TS3 TwitchStatus Advanced (Custom Overview) 1.1.2

    Twitch Status with Streamer List Advanced Twitch Status Script with Overview Channel. Features: Unlimited Streamer Channels with Live-Status Overview Channel which contain a list with all streamers including: Streamtitle Playing Game Viewer count Follower count Twitch Profil URL Supporting...
  4. Everlike

    TS3 Admin & Moderator Status 1.0.0

    This script sets the online Admins or Moderators to channel name and or description. Available parameters: number of online clients with a specific servergroup list of names of online clients in a specific servergroup number of total online users Example of how it could look Channelname...
  5. F

    EN Admins Status if online or no

    A script that show the status of the selected server group in the description of a channel. As example: Admin 1. AdminName1 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if private don't show it --> Online since: --- 2. AdminName2 --> Status: online --> Channel: thechanneloftheadmin(if...
  6. kapabac

    WG servers players online 1.1

    Hi, all! :cool: For a long time, someone asked about this script. WG gaming (WoT, WoWS, WoTBlitz) servers online status and the number of players on them in the name of selected channels. On a choice four locations RU/EU/NA/ASIA. Below, for example is a screenshot of the possible decoration...
  7. Tuetchen

    Steam User Query 1.4

    Steam User Query This script assigns a specific Server Group to a Client depending on the current State of their Steam Account. It can either simply display the online status or scan for specific games that are played. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the...
  8. Hansel

    EN [Request] Steam sever stats

    Hello, I would like to see the server status like on the site https://steamstat.us/. I would like to see different things like (steam store & steam community & steam CMs with offcource the status behind it) in the description of a channel. Im not a skilled programmer i can't make a script but...
  9. Aleelpalmero

    EN GTA SA:MP check status server

    Hi, i need a checker status server from gta SA:MP, for chat with command and/or auto refresh [spacer] with stadistics. Ty and sorry for my english, im spanish ...
  10. S

    Extended Private License status

    Hello, I applied in this site https://forum.sinusbot.com/lic.php almost a month ago, but I still haven't got any answer. Does anyone know the license status? Thanks for answer. :)
  11. kapabac

    WoWS server online status 2.1

    All peace and good! :) I present to you a simple script made on request of the user forum Itow and the qualified support of two respected members of this forum Xuxe and maxibanki. A script displays with a certain interval in the selected channel name, status of the gameserver and the number of...