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Steam User Query

Steam User Query 1.4

No permission to download
Great script and finally working!
One thing: steam is after update and looking for trade/play and snooze are not supported anymore I think:)
Sehr gut!
Working perfect!
It's great!
Hat meine Regquest perfekt umgesetzt und einen guten Script daraus gemacht!
It was a very nice script, but it doesn't work anymore. Maybe it doesn't work bc i updated to sinusbot alpha.
I already tried to renew the api key.

This is what i get:

2019-05-12T20:41:37+02:00 error on callback func: Uncaught exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'http' of undefined at SteamUserQuery:230:21 sinusbot.http({ ^ Stack trace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'http' of undefined at queryData (SteamUserQuery:230:22) at update (SteamUserQuery:225:17) at main (SteamUserQuery:446:9) at SteamUserQuery:199:9
This Script work perfectly :D Big THX
Great script! Would be nice if you could choose to just append the Steam status to the existing description and use BB codes for the description like [b]Steam: [color=green]online[color][/b]
Script not working thks for making this script.

No for real, what they did to the API for screwing-up the script?
All API Keys got removed i guess - after issuing a new one it worked again for me
Thanks for Update, now it works again. :)
Now it works, ty for update