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Unused Channel - Deleter

TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter 0.2.2

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Just some Bugfixes, still doesn´t work perfect.
I completely rewrote the script.
  • now compatible with the new scripting engine.
  • finally (hopefully) fixed the datebase problems, no more loss of data!
  • improved the warning system
    • The script can add something like "deletion soon" to the channel name if the channel will be deleted in x minutes, if the channel get reactivated, it now not just removes the "deletion soon" string, it recovers the complete original channelname.
      • Before: IamAChannelName! -> IamAChann!deletionSoon! -> IamAChann
      • Now: IamAChannelName! -> IamAChann!deletionSoon! -> IamAChannelName!
  • added some commands
    • !deleteChannelDB -> deletes the whole db, where channels and their time until deletion is stored.
    • !deleteChannelNamesDB -> deletes the whole db where the original channelnames are stored in.
    • !printMainDB -> prints the whole channel datebase into the instance log.
    • !rechechAllChannels -> Useful after first setup or deletion of the channel datebase. The script only counts channel a user joined when the script was active, if you f.e. want to check all channels of your teamspeak and don´t want to join every channel manually, this command does check every channel if you want to count it and sets the timer to 0.
  • It now is easier for me to add new features, or fix bugs, so, if you miss something or have ideas for improvements, feel free to let me know!
Greetings, Everlike
  • You can now add multiple parentchannels to check.
  • You can now enable the *new warnign system.
    • If you´ve enabled it, the bot will change the channelname of every channel that will be deleted in less than *the amount of time you can set* minutes, and add "a text of your choice" behind the already existing channelname.
    • Don´t worry! If the channelname is too long, the script will cut it, so the full warning text is visible.
    • If the channel is then used again, the script will remove the warning text behind the original channelname. But, if the script had to cut the original channelname, the cutted part will not be replaced automatically!
  • Added list of all channels and for how long they´ve been unused!
    • Write "!unused channels" to the bot, and he will print a list of all channels of your Teamspeak Server a user ever was in while the bot was active to the description of the channel you´re in right now!
  • Datebaseproblems are over! (At least I hope so)
    • Seems like I´ve fixed the random loss of the channeldata, please let me know if you still have problems with it!
  • Log-Spam is over, ther should be no useless logs anymore. It will only log when a channel has been deleted by the script.
If you have problems/Bugs or wishes, please let me know!

Greetings, Everlike

Huge thanks to @Kir-à for motivating me to do something! <3
  • Fixed an error (Error in script (event clientMove): TypeError: Cannot access member 'id' of undefined at unusedChannelDeleter 0.1.5.js:137:26)
that occured when a user left the teamspeak server.​

You have to rename the new file (unusedChannelDeleter.js) to the name of your older version (unusedChannelDeleter 0.1.5.js).
But! From now on, every new version will have the name (unusedChannelDeleter.js) so you dont lose your settings & co. if it´s not necessary due to major changes.

Greetings, Everlike