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WoWS server online status

WoWS server online status 2.1

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All peace and good! :)
I present to you a simple script made on request of the user forum Itow and the qualified support of two respected members of this forum Xuxe and maxibanki. A script displays with a certain interval in the selected channel name, status of the gameserver and the number of players on it. You can choose the location of the gaming server EU/RU. It may be useful to someone else. :cool:
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Latest updates

  1. Update for alpha, and now for the script to work necessarily need Wargaming API Key

    Hi all! This update for alpha, and now for the script to work necessarily need WG API Key...
  2. Update for new scripting engine

    Update for new scripting engine.
  3. WoWS EU/RU/US/ASIA server online status and the number of players on the gameserver

    All peace! :) Added two locations US and Asia.

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