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  1. Thunderkill

    Keep Out! 1.1

    EDIT: Allowing certain groups does currently NOT work on windows, you need to wait for a sinusbot update to fix this issue. Simple script to protect channels from pesky outsiders, you can protect multiple channels and allow only certain groups or people. Usage: - Press 'Add' - Select what...
  2. riftsaw

    Feature Whisper to channel

    Is it possible to implement a feature that lets the bots stream to a specific channel? I don't like the bots being in the channels they should play in.
  3. davevdave

    Channel Schliessen lassen per Bot

    Hey Leute, Frage mich ob das Geht das, dass der Bot Channel schließen kann. Heist wenn in einem Channel 2 Leute drin sind die wollen jetzt nicht mehr gestört werden das sie einfach, zum Beispiel eine Grafik anklicken in der Channel Beschreibung und dann den Channel Geschlossen wird.(Das vll...
  4. Slluxx

    Make bot "chat" in different channel or disable sound notification

    WINDOWS Hi, first of all: you did a nice job with sinusbot. Its really cool, easy to use and just works like charm! Now to my "problem": We dont have a "music" channel. Were switching Alfred (thats how we called him) around the channel if we need him. I am using the function to tell the...
  5. FrxX100

    EN Rank channel and Channel description

    Hello. I create a plugin for automatic channels, but I have a problem. Everything works fine but I have no idea how to do that by creating a channel automatically create a description for the channel, and gave the status of "Channel Admin". I tried the code from other plugins and does not work...
  6. StolenName

    Solved Kurze Frage zum Bot [Channel erstellung]

    Hey Leute, wie oben gesagt habe ich eine kurze frage zum Sinusbot, mein Problem ist wenn ein channel erstellt wird werden wird die person angeschreiben und der channel wird umgenannt zb. ""SinusGaming Bot": Thanks for creating the room Test. But let's change that to something more piratey!" es...
  7. Patrick15a

    TS3 Music info in multiple channels 2.0.2

    Music info in multiply channels Display song title and artist in 2 channels + a channel for an offline text or when playing for: (title) "by" (artist) Last Stable Version: 2.0.2 (Direct Download) Last DevBuild Version: - Function in v2.0.x: Set one channel for currently playing song title Set...
  8. TS3index.com

    Sticky Channel 2.1

    EN: You can bind the bot to a specified channel. The bot always goes back or if no users in the new channel. This script requires Sinusbot v0.9.15 or later! DE: Mit diesem Script können Sie den Bot an einen bestimmten Channel binden. Wenn der Bot in einen anderen Channel verschoben wird geht...
  9. Timo

    TS3 Lauftext / Ticker + API Support [outdated]

    v3.0.0.1 - 14.03.2020 ――――――――――――――――――――――― Create your own newsticker based on channelnames! ――――――――――――――――――――――― Do you ever wanted some animated channelnames? Well this is the place where you can get them! :cool: Make sure, that the bot have following permissions...
  10. Linver

    EN [Request] Channel deleter

    Would be nice if the bot could delete the unused channels, in my server sometimes group of people forgot some channels
  11. kapabac

    Advanced display playback information 2.4

    Peace to all :)! I present to you a little script. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, because that is my first creation on javascript :D. Script features: It can replace the channel name on the current radio and add the playback indicator ►/■, replace the bot nick on the artist + track...