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  1. HarpyWar

    TS3 User Icons 0.1

    The script allow users to set icons on themselves by a chat command. The issue Teamspeak server does not allow assign groups only on yourself. A user can add a group not only himself but on others who have the same permissions. Also there is no limitation for count of assigned groups. The...
  2. P


  3. K

    EN Pulling Information from website

    Hey guys, I need some help with something I am working for our Teamspeak server. I am still very new to scripting and have been reading through the scripting documentation but I'm not sure exactly how to write a script that will extract a text for example from a website and send it when a...
  4. No Name Pro

    DE [Request] Neuer Command in !help als extra Plugin

    Hallo ihr Bot-Hoster! Ich habe eine Frage Gibt es ein Plugin das einen neuen Command in die !help-Liste aufnimmt? Wenn nicht dann würde ich mich freuen wenn ein User es für die Community und mich programmiert. Anwendungsfall: Ich habe mit dem Simple Custom Commands-Script viele Commands...
  5. SergiX44

    1.0 Play Random! 1.0

    How to Install Install the plugin. Add this to the bottom of the sinus bot config file (config.ini), to allow the bot to use the Sinusbot API: [Scripts.Privileges] playrandom = ["http"] Restart the bot. Insert the username and password in the web panel (Settings -> Scripts) of an active...
  6. K

    TS3 Resume Command 0.0.3

    This is a simple script to add a resume command, that resumes/plays the last track. Custom commands can be assigned and permissions can be given to Server Groups. Default commands are '!play' and '!resume'
  7. DrWarpMan

    TS3 Groups assigner by command 0.3

    I won't push any updates, neither I will support this script anymore! Script may or may not work. ALWAYS USE THE LATEST VERSION OF SINUSBOT! Idea: @Qwesdy Author: @DrWarpMan Group assigner by command Assign specified group(s) by their names, to specified client, with your chosen command...
  8. G

    Wecker 0.1

    Mit dem Wecker Script ist es möglich per !wecker (Minunten) eingabe als Command, sich einen persönlichen Wecker einzustellen der einen erinnert was wichtiges zu tun! Somit vergisst ihr nie wieder Termine oder Kuschelstunden mit euren liebsten.
  9. J

    CurrentVolume 1.0

    CurrentVolume Simple plugin to get the current volume setting. Usage: - Type "!volume" in chat
  10. Haz

    EN [REQUEST] Queue list

    Alright so I mean this bot definitely needs a way to see the queue list in Teamspeak. Idek why the dev has not included this in the bot itself. anyway, I'm not a coder so that's why I'm making a request here for whoever that can make this. ok, the idea is that u can queue songs right? so let's...
  11. jendrek06

    SAMPLEX 4800 60

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.21-87a90ce install https://sinusbot-installer.de/ TS3 Version: TS3Path = "/opt/ts3soundboard/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/ts3client_linux_amd64" ListenHost = "" DataDir = "/opt/ts3soundboard/data/" ListenPort = 8087 LocalPlayback =...
  12. Z

    EN [REQUEST] !skyrock radio

    [EN] Hello everybody! I would have wanted to know if somebody of you would be kind enough to make me a script for! Skyrock and that this throws the radio skyrock (URL: http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k) It would replace !stream http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k by !Skyrock...
  13. LEpEX

    Group Distributor 4.0

    Mit diesem Script ist es euch möglich per Befehl eine Server Gruppe zu vergeben. Heiß wenn ihr so ein paar Gruppen habt die keine besondere Funktion haben könnt ihr sie darüber vergeben. Aber ihr könnt auch Gruppen wie NoPoke, NoMove vergeben und entscheiden welche Server Gruppen die...
  14. S

    Commands request

    Hi So I authorized my friends to control the bot and I want to make my bot answer with a message made by me on command. For example: My friend types "!commands" and he gets a feedback message which is a list of commands created by me. How do I do this? I've tried to do so but i haven't find a...
  15. MartinS

    Feature TS Chat Command for Youtube Download without Playing the Song

    What I would like to see implemented is a Chat command which downloads a Song from Youtube like !ytdl but without playing it right away.
  16. Slama

    EN A command to tell a message

    Hi! I have an idea, we should add a !say or !msg command. It works like this: !say [all|nickname_of_the_recipient] <msg> And in the chat wo could see a message like: "MESSAGE: (Bot -> Everyone) - Hello world!". Is it possible?
  17. NT5

    TS3 Youtube Search 1.3.4

    Search youtube video! ------- Features: Search videos Retrieve information from youtube links sended from chat Download/Play directly from command Queue playback TS Groups permissions Video filters Discord ------- Format values: {title} - Video title {description} - Video Description...
  18. NT5

    osu!stats 1.1

    Osu! website: http://osu.ppy.sh/ API Documentation: https://github.com/ppy/osu-api/wiki Simple osu! command Usage: !osu [m|gamode|mode]:<player name> Example: Specific gamemode: !osu m:standar [ NT5 ] Default gamemode: !osu [ NT5 ] ------ Source code: https://github.com/NT5/Sinusbot-Scripts...
  19. Shigato

    Feature Add youtube songs to queue on request

    When you try to play from youtube now, it interrupts the current song playing. Is it possible to add an extra command that downloads the youtube song and adds it to the queue instead of interrupting the current song?
  20. Eplex

    Let TS users log into Bot panel

    Hey there I am fairly new to all of this and I want to know if I can let some of my TS users log into the website ( to change settings and add songs? Or is that not possible?